First grow going bad

Ppm not so much but Ph yes. I have the pens just not sure how to use the ppm/ec. These are the readings of the new nutrients mix

I could go on and on about tds/ec but videos do a great job. Youtube has a lot of good videos out there that talk about tds and ec

If you’re a car guy basically ec = lamda and tds = air fuel ratio

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Yeah, the whole tds/ec ppm thing is confusing to me honestly. I mean I get it but it’s a pain in the arse to dial in perfectly, I’m using tap water from a Los Angeles suburb​:joy: then adding nutes which make everything go wacky :tired_face:

@MopiMike foxfarm nurti

It’s pretty easy once you dive into it. There is an order to put the nutrients in, for instance if you are going to use silicate that always goes into the fertigation mix first and let that sit for an hour followed by Cal Mag (if you need to dose with it) then your Part A or your “Grow” bottled nute.

The important subject in all this is to make sure you are using the same ppm scale as the nutrient provider uses. Good tds pens allow you to pick between the 500ppm scale or the 700ppm. Typical US companies use the 500ppm scale and EU companies use the 700ppm scale.

Once you are on the right scale the ppm measured is the amount of total dissolved solids in the fertigation water.

This is my ppm scale for growing indoors in Coco:
Water is always chlorine/chloramine free and pH’d to 5.8 - 6.0 (I grow in CoCo Coir)
Seedlings (seed sprout / four weeks) - pH’d water only / 300ppm to 450ppm max
Early Veg (five weeks / seven weeks) - 450ppm to 700ppm max
Veg (seven weeks / ten weeks) - 850ppm to 1000ppm
Flower ( week 1 / week 9) - 1100ppm to 1350ppm

Add your nutes in one by one and add your pH adjuster up/down at the end. Always remember to calibrate your pH pen. I can’t stress enough about great pH pens, those cheap $10 pens suck.

Remember bottled nutes have a lot of salt, I always fertigate, fertigate, fertigate, flush (pH’d water with tea),fertigate, fertigate, fertigate, flush (pH’d water with tea) you get the point. When flushing, your inflow (water coming into fabric pot) will be around lets say 450ppm’s your runoff water (water leaving the fabric pot) should be no higher than 650ppm’s. Don’t worry about percentage of runoff, you flush till you get to your target ppm.
If you look at my last journal here I was extremely detailed in my grow to show beginners how to grow the dank. Everything from LST, to ScroG, nutrients, etc…very detailed. Follow the example and you’ll be killing it. If you have any questions let me know, be more than happy to help out.

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Update! Shes looking a little better after some nutes but still has some issues. Why would the leaves be cupping like they are? Under watering it? light to close?

They look fine to me!

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I was specifically talking about the one in the middle sorry

I gotcha. Once a leaf gets damage, in your case which is a nutrient deficiency it will never heal. In my personal experience I see the leaves reaching upward but are heavy from water which it totally normal. Maybe someone else could see something I don’t?

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Miracle grow gone is a great thing I just see them reaching for the light.

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The oldest one seems to be getting better to me after a soil change and some nutes, what do y’all think?

Update: The plants are looking healthier and the oldest one is thriving now, so much I dont know how to keep up with the new growth. Any tips on pruning? Should I leave it alone? I topped the oldest 4 days ago…

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Is ANYONE following this thread anymore?!?


I’m following along. Are you planning on doing any LST
The reason I ask is if you are it could make a difference on what and how much you prune.


First time grower as well just want to say highly impressed by the come back of your plants currently suffering from my own rookie mistakes from not understanding ppm


@Bulldognuts I haven’t really thought about it but it looks like I need to do something quick at the rate they’re growing :rofl: I’ll look into LST

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@Cratix thanks… And yes there’s a lot more to think about then just feeding them water straight out of the tap, Ive got so much to learn.

You can bend her over and tie down. It will allow light to penetrate lower sites and more stems to grow and a canopy that will allow for several colas to form. At that point you would start removing larger fan leaves to allow light to lower bud sites.

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I’m still here as well. Good recovery going on there as well. If they get too tall have a look at supercropping. Gives you the fear at first but you soon get over it :sunglasses:

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New issue!! Anyone know what these spots could’ve been caused by? It’s only on the one leaf