First grow first time cloning

Yellow everyone this is my first attempt at growing and cloning I have just took a few clipping to clone them before I flipped my plants to flower I did the cut at 45 degrees and dipped in clonex and put them in a rapid rooter

Any help or insight is appreciated

Seed- ilgm super skunk photo
Soil- ffhp
Light - 2 - hlg 230
3.5 gallon fabric pots

When I clone I keep them moist, I spray the leaves, keep them covered in a clear plastic container and a lot of moisture, until they start growing roots, I don’t put them under direct light, spray leaves and don’t let anything dry out. Keep covered.

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I would cut the leafs in half to encourage new growth. So on the fan leafs, take some scissors and clip away the front half.


How long do you keep the dome covering the clones (excluding misting)?

Plants should be under a dome for 10 to 14 days and ideally 24/0 light schedule until established. No nutes until roots are developed.

Thank you for your reply been 7 days still looking good but no change ( new growth).

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And my clones have roots