First grow ever! DWC

Hey everyone! As the title states this is my first time ever growing. I planted 6 of them on 5/26, and I’m experimenting with some random bag seeds before I use the good ones I’ve purchased. I’m using DWC in a 18 gallon tote, and I have two air pumps with one inch stones. ( I’ve done some research and know to get the round bubble stones.) my temperature fluctuates between 76-84 degrees. My humidity varies between 50%-87%. ( I use a full size oscillating fan and 4 inch carbon filter and inline fan to help correct my humidity) I‘ve never checked my ph until yesterday because I didn’t have a pen, and realized my levels were extremely high at 10.1. I cant find any local hydroponics stores to get ph up or down, so I ordered it. But I wanted to try to correct my ph levels as quickly as possible so I don’t kill them all off. I did some research and saw where some used apple cider vinegar and advanced nutrients micro, grow, bloom to lower the levels. I used a couple of cap fulls in it yesterday and checked my levels again today and the ph dropped to 8.6. I put a few more drops today and will check the levels in a few hours.

Now on to my plants. I’ve never grown before so I’m not sure they should look for their age, but I think I let my ph levels go too high for too long because I believe their growth is severely stunted. And on top of that the tips of the leaves looks yellow and brown and wilted looking. ( they started to look that way last week before I started try and drop my ph levels) I trimmed off the tips that looked sick in hopes that it would stop what ever is going on with them from spreading. But now they’re starting to look wilty and sickly again. Help me please. Any advice or input will help.

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I’ve added a photo of my grow journal for further insight. I know it’s all over the place, but I’m learning.

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Ph to 5.8

Keep feed low as they dont need much. I usually do 1ml/gal . If your not replacing water no need to add more nutes. Best to get a ppm meter to check ppm of water.

Make sure water level is below net pot 1 to 2 inch

Also smile and be happy. You took notes. That helps a lot.

And Welcome to the forums


I see in notes you use carbon filter. They realy dont need the filter yet. Best to disconnect until odor is a problem. Just run the exhaust fan with carbon filter disconnected due to the high humidity in veg stage it can and will clog a carbon filter eventually.

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Thank you so much. I got my ph to 5.7, and I just ordered my ppm pen. I disconnected the carbon filter and it’s helped with dropping my humidity immediately. I’m also taking your advice to smile :blush: I needed that!!!

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In the future, get a bucket with the net pot lid. Drill a hole in the bottom and install a rubber grommet and 90 degree plastic fitting onto which you mount a clear chunk of tubing as tall as the bucket. Use that as a sight glass and a way to drain water. Try also not to grow so many plants in one tote or bucket. When you have issues its easy to kill em all. Plus the roots get all mangled together and if a plant dies you will not get them untangled. Dead root matter is not a good thing for hydro. However, carry on camping, nothing tried nothing learned right?

Thank you for your input :slight_smile: i originally was supposed to keep two plants for two bubble buckets I purchased, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let them all go, lol. I definitely bit off more than I can chew for my first grow.

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Tge big issue with growing more than 1 plant per container especially if the seed is unknown, is what do you do if one is a male? But the roots are all tangled? You can, in some cases get the roots apart but it aint easy! And dead root creats all kinds of problems in the dark moist environment. If you were growing clones, and they were all identicle it wouldnt be as big an issue. I still wouldnt do it.

I probably should’ve stated that I’ve hot glued separators from a friends makeup stand on the bottom of the lid so each plant has its own space. The separators only go about 6 inches into the tote though. I definitely get your point though because it started off with only one of my plants looking sick. Now they’re all in poor condition:(

Oh the roots will totally fill that container. It will be a big root mat in no time.