First Grow Black Jack, White Buffalo, Super Sour Diesel

Hi everyone this is my first grow. Ive done way too many hours of youtube and the time is now.
My setup is a 2x4x5 with an off brand 1,000 watt LED. I will be using 3 gallon fabric pots with just a local compost and gardening soil mix. I am using the foxfarm trio and wholly mackerel as far as nutrients go. I actually started on 10-7-18 with 3 clones White buffalo, Black Jack and Super Sour Diesel. I have my light 18’’ and everything seems to be going well. I already fed once with the mackerel and one with the foxfarm and im worried i got a little ahead of my self with the nutrients.

this was on 10-7-18 the transplant day

these pics are today. about an inch of growth in a week


Also what do yall think about fimming this Black Jack? Im a little worried the clones not being ready for this yet even though its at node 5.

clones can handle more nutes than seeds so just keep an eye out for burnt tips on the leaves and this will tell you if you are using too many nutes. Your compost will also have plenty of available nutrients as well so maybe feed at half strength for a while and watch the plants. They will show you when they need more. Remember the clone is as old as the mother it was taken from so you can tip/fim/train any time you like.

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Thanks mountainman1 for the feedback. Both feeds were at 25% of recommended mix. I will definitely keep an eye on the tips. Do you have any ideas on pruning for low headroom? I was wanting to fimm but a little worried about messing them up.

I like to bend and use low stress training rather than topping or fimming. . Some gentle bending of the mainstem to an almost horizontal position over a period of time will allow lower branches to grow rapidly becoming main colas in their own right without tipping or fimming . But that is just my preference. Im sure some of the other experienced growers on this great site could help more in regards to fimming. Good luck with your grow

I tied them down tonight as mentioned by mountainman1. Does this look about right?


Hi Lacountry I’m a YouTube also but your doing it I was wondering I thought the plant stay straight up even and you grap one stem for each side gently holding the stems on the side take a wire make like a hook and hook thelower leaf stem wile pushing the wire into the soil on both sides but you plant stays stright towards the lite litting her stretch straight up as she strengthen up let me know if I wrong looks like some is going to have a good year 2019

Hi Es I thought about doing that but I seen a video by greengrowspaces that shows you can pull them to one side and allow the branches to grow up then you supercrop them to the opposite side giving a wider shorter plant. Just trial and error here and trying to take in all advice everyone gives. Maybe I am doing it all wrong but I hope not lol. Thanks for the reply

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Wow never heard that but this is a for ever learning experiences I went to a hydroponic store andheard a guy brought some plants to his grow house from some where else and now he has to bomb nats and they make a big bomb safe to use on your plants it can be used before fruiting just saying lot to learn and enjoy the ride

Anyone think I should top these gals to promote side growth?

Does anyone know what’s going on with the discoloration?

After reading so much negativity on the amazon LED light I did some reading and found out my light only draws 115w and yet it was advertised as a 1000w so I just installed a 400w mh/hps light tonight. Any pointers would be appreciated

My brain read your journal’s title as: Jack Black, Betty White, and Vin Diesel…and I thought, huh, that’s gonna be an interesting movie. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


These girls are loving the new light.

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I like that. Would be a good movie

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I’m a little concerned with the run off ppm and ph

Anyone have any ideas?

Those ppms are a bit high for early veg. Those are mid flowering rates. You need to get that pH up around 6.5 so she can eat some of those nutes she has available. Go in at 6.8 next time

Update the plants are having some issues. Ph and heat I’m guessing but we will see what happens.

Do you know the brand of that soil so we can google it to figure out what it has in it to keep your pH so high?