First grow. Amnesia Haze auto bloomers

So my wife ordered seeds back in December. I was super nervous about growing them at home, but then she just planted them about two weeks ago. We came to a crossroad this weekend and had to make a decision about committing to the things or letting go… but now that I see the potential to harvest several ounces of good bud, I’m on a proper fucking mission. I’m fairly confident the next few months will be some kind of massacre, but here we go!!

Step 1 is to fix this situation:

I need any advice available on a transplant, and suggestions on how high to hang the light from these bad little girls. I want with:

Looking forward to all the advise and abuse you have to offer!!

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Under that light, you will be lucky if you get 3/4 oz dried and cured. I have ran Viparspectra PAR600 light which is better than this one.

Save cash and buy a HLG light. You got screwed buying that blurple light on Amazon or wherever you got it from.

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The thing has amazing reviews in a ton of places… have a pic of what you’re using, and price range??

I wouldn’t trust the reviews on the Amazon burple lights. I wrote a bad review for the one I bought and the company wrote me an email and offered me money to take my review down.


Let the games begin lol :joy::joy::joy:


They started at $20. I haven’t responded. Their latest bid was $45.

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Here we go…listen to ACTUAL marijuana growers and not reviews.

@dbrn32, @Myfriendis410, @Covertgrower, @AAA, @Drinkslinger, @Dman1969, @elheffe702, @MidwestGuy @imSICKkid, @Missiles

Not trying to sound harsh but this type of question gets asked more than I ever want to remember.


:roll_eyes: not amazon reviews. Starter kit advice, specifically on

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It’s appreciated man, just seemed like an easy, low energy bill option. I’m gonna run it this time and I’ll see what we get. My expectations are not high… wait till you see the grow space we decided on. You’ll forget about that lamp real quick.


As many good reviews as that gets, or any blurple panels, it’s an inferior light,
Yes it’ll grow marijuana. About one smallish plant.
I had a few grows with lights like that. My yields were light (2-4oz), and the bud density was lacking.
Don’t waste your money. IMHO.
Hlg has some excellent lights. I’ve got one and am very happy with it.


Unfortunately their marketing is very misleading. What they advertize for your light is 600W when it is actually only a 260W light, and the spectrum it puts out is very different than that of quality lighting such as those made my HLG.

You can grow weed with it, but at 260W it’s really only good for flowering 1 plant. Most users of them report fluffy buds and lower yield.

Sorry, man. Most of us here have tried them. Here is where mine sits.


I will say this. I had 4 plants in my 4x4 tent with 2 HLG 260xl rspec lights. I had to pull one because it didn’t get enough light. Imagine a limp spaghetti noodle and that was her branches.

So three made it and only one produced beyond my expectations. The other two did ok considering.

Remember you will lose on average 80% total weight due to evaporation of the water trapped.

That is why I said you will be lucky to get 3/4 oz.


As far as your next step.
I suggest gently separating those 3 girls and replanting in their own individual 1 gal containers. If they grow together they will compete and 1 or 2 will lose.

Clear containers are not root friendly. Aim for opaque.

Hint: do not use miracle grow or other time released fertilizer based soils.


@MidwestGuy These are how my 2 Viparspectra PAR600 lights sit.


And that’s generous. My 600w blurple pull 125w. They grew 3 everytime without fail but it was like I was drag racing in an 83 diesel chevette.

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This is one thing I will give Viparspectra lights. The 600 watts and more does pull more power than other of these Blurple Lights. The 600w pulls 260 watts from the wall. But only a veg and bloom switch.

The PAR600 has 3 switches which you need to run all 3 if you want to get 3 oz dried, cured and no stems. These pull around 274 watts. :+1:

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@MrPeat i just started a grow this weekend, have my own journal going too! Just curious though, i have Vipar Spectra 450w light with the veg/bloom options. I just planted 1 seed and have her under the 450w light, but only have the veg about 50% on, think I should just go full power to start? I didn’t want to burn her!!

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Personally I ran all my switches on. I did have them as close to the top of my grow tent as I could get.

You can always adjust by testing the light above your hand. If its to hot on the hand, then raise till its not. And vice versus if its cold, then drip light till your hand is warm.


So you have already purchased the vipar?

@scylents you can’t go by reviews. People get paid to send in false reviews. The experts here will tell you the best lights for your set up. @dbrn32 Is a expert on lighting. Everything the people told you here is good information. Happy growing and keep on keeping on and welcome to the best place you can be. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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