First grow. Amnesia Haze auto bloomers

I’m just here to mimic the others. Dank light for dank bud. You gotta come off that cash a little bit to do it properly. Otherwise I would throw em outside


:eyes:well idk about that :eyes:

Its a fact…you lose 75% to 80% while drying and curing. And since I have ran a better Viparspectra than this one from May 2018 to Nov 2019. I had two PAR600 and max crop 3.32 oz dried, cured and no stems.

Now under two HLG 260xl rspec I’ve gotten over 27 oz dried, cured and no stems. Lights matter…period.

Now if you only need 1 oz for a full year, then by all means use subpar crappy lights. There is a reason why HLG is used by so many growers.

I sure do. :+1:


I don’t have HLG, but I’ll vouche for them. Either way lighting should be the largest part of your budget. Regardless of the size of the grow. Getting what you pay for is difficult to do if you don’t understand what lighting is “good”. We growers do try to look out for each other. We as a community don’t want you or anyone else to have a subpar grow. This is what this forum is about, helping you grow the best you can, with out paying the dispensary’s anymore than you have to. They’ll always be in business though, because there’s always someone who can’t grow their own meds. @scylents


The one thing you cannot do is cheap out on lights. Most of us (as stated) have gotten burned by the marketing hype. These lights will veg a plant just fine but light intensity is insufficient to do a good job of flowering. Your demand goes way up then. Another problem is the footprint is so narrow unless you hang way high and you end up running out of precious tent space. They also are nowhere near energy efficient in that the diodes used are 10 year old tech and require 50 watts from the wall per square foot to do a decent job. Compare to latest generation lights and your numbers drop down to around 25 watts per square foot. When I did a diy build my electric bill went down $60 the first month. That’s the cost of one of those blurple lights! They run silently and don’t hurt the eyes to use, they run cooler and you can slam them on top of plants: 6" or so. No way you can do that with the Amazon lights.

Look at HLG and ask questions. Lots of folks here don’t want you to waste your money like WE did lol.


That’s awesome.

I’m running 1500-2000watts of newer tech led and my electric bill is shocking every month. I can’t imagine what it’d be if I were running all blurples. (Actually I do, it’d be about 30% higher).


Buy whatever you want. But do your homework first, and you’ll end up where everyone else is steering you already. No one here has anything vested in what you buy, one way or the other. We’re simply trying to save you time and money figuring out what several of the rest of us have already. The blue section of LEDs on my Chinese blurple panel died after less than 2 years use. I pulled the driver out, and for less than $50 of new tech, I ended up with more light than I started with. There are many options, and a little research ahead of time will go a long way. :v:


I know, we sound like a broken record, but seriously, everyone is just looking out for your best interest. I run 1000W of QB LED tech, they use half the power my portable A/C uses. My first electricity bill for 3 months, was $100 AUD (I spend more than that a week on weed) more than normal.

Good vibes and good luck :v:


Echoing what all above have stated. Please don’t waste your money on those POS LED/Blurple lights on the 2 major internet retailer sites. Believe me, most all of us have already done so and are telling you this because, we’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I got lucky, I found this site, shortly after ordering mine and was able to get most of my money back. The ones I didn’t get a full refund on, I got at least got over half of my cash back (I’m very persistent and told them, I was going to still send it back, no matter what the postage cost). This is when I stopped ordering anything that stated, buyer pays return shipping. My usual MO, don’t know how these got past me. Mighta been the bourbon. You gotta figure it’s pretty bad when they don’t even want their own lights back and are willing to give you over half back on them, to keep them. There are other options but, they all have drawbacks. I was having a hard time swallowing the price of good LED’s and went with an air cooled 1,000w HID, MH?HPS light for my 5x5. Good light but ended up with terrible heat issues. This can be remedied, with a little backwoods ingenuity. The HID lighting, used to be the shitz, back in the day and there are many who still swear by them. They are not very efficient but, very effective. There is also the CMH, I believe that they are supposed to be more efficient but, I have never used them myself. There are others here that have and still do. The LED’s have become the new Apex on the market and the Chicom’s, among others have flooded the market with look a likes and a lot of supposed to X amount of watts, that most are only a third or less of the advertised wattage at best. I’m not saying that you can not grow weed with the cheap LED/Blurple lights, most of us have and some still do. That being said, If you want to grow primo bud, you need primo light. I am new to this indoor growing thing but, have been around it for years but, being in an illegal state, which most were until recently, mine still is, I preferred having my weed growing somewhere other than my residence. I remember how everyone always talked about their lights and the importance of adequate lighting. When I first started, I purchased over 3 times the amount of lights that I thought that I needed worth of the cheapo LED/Blurple lights. I soon found out that I only had about a third of the amount of light that I thought I had, what a bummer. Your light’s are gonna be one if not the most important purchase that you make, after all what does it take to make a weed grow? LIGHT. I am currently running 3- 260xl’s and 2- 550’s all HLG in my new 8x8 set up and loving it. I am considering a fourth 260xl to balance everything out. So please do yourself a favor and listen to what all above have said. They are giving solid, sound advice, for sure. Sorry to be so long winded and rambling on but, I hate to see people get fooled by false claims and advertising. It just irks the everloving shitz outta me. I hope that everyone is doing well. Y’all be safe and Stay HIGH :+1: :v:



IDKS, but for my 27"x27" byt 5 ft tent I am running a Spider Farmer 1000 LED.

I have been happy with the performance…and it keeps the power draw to Right at 100 watts.

It may not be the best light but it seems to be Growing Buds on my plant. I was looking at operating cost along with out of pocket cost and it was right around $150

Alright homies, I really, really appreciate all the feedback here… really didn’t expect it. I cancelled the burple… the agreement with the wife is under 300, so I kept on reading today. I chose a quantum board, but couldn’t go big. Seems like other forums say that this pulls 300w from the wall and it will definitely fit my grow space.

Two problems now:
The light won’t arrive until 12th of May
The garden shop only had two gallon pots

So, they are gonna have the spare bedroom at night. Sunshine in the day. We knew they’d have a rough start, and the damn lockdown means I have long lead times on deliveries and no stock at the local DIY.

As for the ladies they are transplanted. What I’ve seen is that a week or so should pass before I add any nutrients. So I’ll let them recover from the shock of transplant and then check back in.


Switched up… new post below @Dman1969 @MrPeat

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Personally I would save that $300 and wait till you can get a HLG lights. I would bet that the HLG vs that Mara Hydro TSW2000 the HLG will come out on top.

But its your money to waste. Many have been here before. When I bought my Viparspectra PAR600 light I knew it wasn’t the best and bought it. I wasn’t on any grow forums then. If I had hoined, i could have saved myself $450. I bought a 2nd Viparspectra PAR600.

Recoding two more days outside:
Thursday 29th April 61 and cloudy
Friday 30th April 63 and partly cloudy… very windy

Transplant two days ago, no signs of shock.


@Tenga question for you based on the outdoor gardening you’ve done… I’m worried about my girls being outside in cold cloudy weather (see last post). I saw some people with clear plastic bottles over their seedlings and have mixed thoughts on if that’s a good idea… on one hand it’s be warmer, on the other hand it’d have 0 ventilation… I guess I could put holes in it… thoughts??

Watching! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Scylents, tx for tagging me! Yes I can share my thoughts, as long as u know Im book/youtube-smart but real life inexperienced! If an experienced grower on here contradicts what I say, pls listen to them not me! My first thought is, since ur weed is potted, bring it inside if its too cold out. As far as the cloudiness, my concern would be if it rains. Your new transplants are little girls in big pots. If it pours rain, might the roots drown? Domes that retain heat might be a solution. I have heard of vegetable gardeners putting something over their plants called a “frost blanket” if they get an unexpected late frost. So covering them up can be helpful. But u also have to consider the type of plant. Peas are hardy and can handle that, but even with a frost blanket it would prob kill pepper plants. Im new at weed, but arent they, especially the sativas, considered kinda tropical? If your indoor lights are inadequate so u are feeling forced to boot the girls outside early, here is a cheap but temporary stop gap idea I read about. Get some work clamp lamps ( they are cheap) and some cfl daylight lightbulbs ($20 for a 6 pack, i think they said to get 30 watts) and add those to what u already have. Good luck with the grow!! I see you have eagles like mine lol.

This one for Westworld fans…


U named ur plants? Lol, love it!


@scylents agreed!! I love the name Bernard. I swear I was gonna name one of mine that :joy: