First grow 2 gorilla glue 2 French toast RDWC

First time growing I’ve always thought RDWC was interesting and I like the whole having to work to get something I’ve had a few issues since I transplanted 3 weeks ago 1st issue was they were started in soil. I cleaned all the soil out and planted in hydroton. Then I had the nutes to high and started getting burn on leaf tips I diluted and finally just changed out water with new batch of nutes since then I’ve seen a lot of growth and it’s getting faster every day


Looking good! French toast? Mmm sounds good. What are the parents?

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Don’t have any info other than what I was told by the guy I got them from all he said was 2 were gorilla glue and 2 were French toast I’ve never heard of the French toast ones so we will see in the end cross your fingers for me . Today everything is looking good plants are really taking off the last 3 days

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