First Gros, First Flower

So Today marks day #20 in flower for my two plants. I currently have this one, the wifi OG

And this one is the Chemdawg

I had a snafu with my lights, so the pro series LED I ordered for flowering hasn’t arrived yet. So they are currently flowering under a weak light from vivosun. The new light will arrive in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll be able to put it in there right away. But they are hanging strong. They are in fox farms ocean forest soil, and being fed Bloom 2-3 times a week. Soil PH is at about 6.2 for both plants with ppms being 720-800.

This being my first grow, these two went through some serious issues in veg. From incredibly Low PH to using way too much N. What do you guys think? Still have a change at producing some quality?


They look good! Sooner the better on blasting them with light obviously but they still have plenty of time for you to treat them well and let them do their thing. Beauty of photos is that veg torture doesn’t haunt you in flower if you rectify pre flip.

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Sounds like you got everything under control for your first go round… I may suggest get some cal mag and … when you say your feeding a bloom 2 3 … you need to be feeding a grow a bloom and a micro … if the bloom is part of a 2 part you need to get the grow as well atleast … but cal mag I’d going to be in high demand real quick… if you get brown spots and yellow leaves and leaf tips curling up those are tell tale calcium and magnesium deficiency right st this point it becomes in high demand… your bottle might have 1 ir both but you need more for begining flower

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That’s what I’ve heard. I’m excited to get the light in there. I’m worried about the bud densities. I want it in there ASAP.

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Hmm ok, I gotta go get some.

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Yea definstley asap

Hey so does anyone have an idea of what is going on here?

So the bud has been in flower for near a month now. All of the other flowers on the same plants are showing beautiful white hairs. But this little spot in the middle of one plant, and only on the smallest buds are yellowing. I can’t tell if that’s a result of maturity or if it’s a problem that I need to catch before it ruins the larger nodes. I know about cal mag as mentioned above, and have some coming in.