First feeding today. Need some help

I gave my babies their first taste of nutrients today. I had to I couldn’t wait any longer. The first two plants I had growing are starting to turn yellow because of lack of nutrients in the coco mix. So I’m hoping to bring them back any suggestions it’s greatly appreciated. So I mixed a gallon of jacks 321 into a gallon. Then I took that gallon and mad three out of it. When I tested the water it was at about 335 ppm. Now I fed them until runoff. And since I had them in a jiffy p cup. Run off is fast you dont have to pour a lot in to make them run off. So after the run off on all of them I let them sit in them for a little while the cup will suck up most of the run off but the puddle in the corner that’s not going nowhere i sucked it up with a paper towel and them squeezed the soaked towel into a glass jar and I took its readings and now it shot up to 443 ppm. Is that ok. The ph was 7.5 before I fed. Is that ok. I have no idea what’s good or what’s not. I was told by a one of the growers on ILGM and that what she told me to do. And I should be at about 400 ppm. Before runoff. The gallon I mixed up is alittle short of 400. Ppm. What should I do t to help my two babies that look like there stunted and turning yellow they are more than a month old. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

I grow in hydro for a little context. I actually provide food from the very beginning at about 300 ppms of just cal-mag, then about 150- 200 ppms of veg food using sterile rockwool at reccomended PH for hydroponics. . You can also get some Clonex baby plant food mix if your skittish. I also start adding my myco and benifical bacteria from the start also.

I’ll summon @Graysin , who grows in coco. About how old are the seedlings?


My seedlings are 4 weeks. I grow in a coco soil mix. I buy the ones that come in what looks like a loaf of bread and it’s cut in slices. I use only two bricks the rest soul in a 5 gallon bucket. I fed a little while ago. Hopefully they’ll come back

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Soil cups exterior looks dark, too dark, as maybe too much watering for seedlings.
Seedlings do not need run-off testing.
11-1-22 all three seeds got dirt. One got favored, two did not. They want to come back, always.


Those poor girls. The process is:
Use Jacks full strength to hydrate the coco. Also add calMag to the hydrating solution. This makes sure the coco doesn’t latch on to the calcium in the nutrients. You were probably OK because you are also using some kind of soil. You were OK for a while without feeding - again more than likely because of the soil added.
But your plants suffered greatly from being underfed. The are stunted and look to be only a few days old.
these are 5 days from sprouting. You can tell I underwatered the two on top.

Same plants on day 27. They are 100% Indica with tight and compact node spacing

PPM of 350 - 400 will be OK for a few days. Not too long. Once they are established and have another set or 2 of leaves you will need to be around 600 - 700.



A few friendly amendments.

Do full strength jacks every day when you water. Full strength is mixed with weight not by measurement (no teaspoons or tablespoons). The ratio I suggest is the following, in grams per gallon of water:
Jack’s 321 standard mix aka recommended rate = Part A 3.79/Part B 2.5/ Epsom Salt 1

Water regularly to runoff (5-10% is good). Pure Coco can go maybe 2 days but that’s pushing it before the ionic charge of the coco itself shifts and you start having calcium or magnesium problems. In coco/soil, you have a couple extra days but you should be mindful that your wet/dry cycle doesn’t make the coco too dry. I prefer pure coco, it removes lots of guesswork.

PPMs should be between 800 and 1000
pH in coco should be 5.8 for veg, and 6.2 for flower.

Ah. So you want to be using a pH more like 6.5 for veg and 6.8 for flower. 7.5 is way too high, even for soil.

Still be feeding jacks every time you water. You’ll be hard pressed to oversupply nutes with Jacks, as long as you mix it properly.

Underfed and overwatered, are my thoughts.

If those are peat pots (biodegradable, allegedly), rip the bottoms off of them and as much of the sides as you can and transplant them into something larger. I may hate peat containers even more than plastic containers - at least plastic understandably has bad breathability and drainage. Peat is just too dense for roots to really break through more often than not - you can easily end up with a rootbound plant without having any idea because of those containers.


Thanks for the help I cut the bottom of the cup out. And riled the sides. And then was able to get them all out of the p cups with no problem. Question is there still a chance they. CAn live. Or should I start over.

Are they in dirt? They want to live. I had three ladies, together, got stepped on three times in a month, still growing, just crookedly. I frequently drop two in dirt in the same cup, an inch apart. Transplanting can involve splitting the pair. Most live.

three plants pictured below. Favored plant pictures vs not given favor. Same bag beans, same dirt, day planted and definitely diferent.

Exactly. They’ll be fine - getting rid of those pots was the right first move. Getting your watering habits perfected is the next step.

They go from that stage to this in about 7-10 days if you treat them right.

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There thriving. I haven’t fed them since after there first taste of plant food jacks 321 about 5 days ago. Now do you think I should water them or for now on use jacks.321. Or should I do both. Water and nutrients please let me know.

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They want to live.

Exactly. They’ll be fine - getting rid of those pots was the right first move. Getting your watering habits perfected is the next step.

They go from that stage to this in about 7-10 days if you treat them right.

You don’t need

Lift the container. Is it light?
If it’s not, it’s not time to water.

Thanks there still a little heavy. So I’ll wait.

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