First feeding in 3 gallon pot after transplant

Day 27. Okay first feeding with nutes in 3 gallon pot. I’m using FF trio and some things I read say run with recommended 3BB + 3GB. Others say cut the dosage in half. Thoughts? Also if i mixing up a gallon let’s say how many ML of solution should I be thinking for a 3 gallon pot? Also,I need to transition 5 if not 4 of these to outside permanently. My tent is only 4x2 and did not expect all these to pop. I was planning on letting 5 of them veg in 3 gallon pots for a few weeks outside and then put in ground. Thought this would allow me accessibility to bring in if needed. Am i thinking sane here? Any help would be much appreciated.

  • White Widow, Bubble Gum, Ak47
  • FF
  • 3 Gallon
  • PH 6.5
  • Last feeding 800ppm
  • Indoor 18/6…Do get outside time…Of the nine plants 5 need to make they’re way to outside. Would really like some transitioning help. The other 4 will remain in a 4x2 tent.
  • 1000 watt LED Full Spectrum
  • 80-85 Day/ 65-70 Night
  • 45-50 Day/ 55-60 Night
  • Yes 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter
  • No
  • No

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