First deep water culture grow

Hello everyone
I am doing my first grow. I am doing the deep water culture method. I am in a very hot climate and believe the high temps are hurting my plants. The temp in my tent is usually anywhere from 80 to 84. I have small fan on the plants and have purchased an inline fan carbon filter combo that I have not installed yet. I am working with two led lights. I have uploaded a pic of the nutes I am using. Any advice on how I can make my plants healthy without spending a lot of money. Thanks in advance for the advise


@ktreez420 @Donaldj @Aquaponic_Dumme . These are a few of the hydro guys on here that can help.


they are cooking the leaf curl is screaming heat stress what is your humidity like and res temp? a warm res can create major issues in those temps I would think your res temps would be quite high?


I’m no expert but that temp seems high. You may need to address that first.

I haven’t taken the temp of the reservoir but will work on that. The humidity is around 60. When I first started the grow I read that if you are using led lights to have them about 4" from the plants. I have now moved them to about 12". I am hoping that when I put the inline fan and filter combo in it will bring the temp down a bit. I have been looking at the additives that treat heat stress. Has anybody had any luck with any of those? Not much more I can do about temp other than spending a lot of money on AC or water chillers. Temps here have been 100+ for weeks. Any ideas or advice greatly appreciated

I have been researching how to make a homemade water chiller. Anybody had any luck with this

simple ice bottles in res work too and 18" would be about as close as an LED should be further even when ladies are first starting


I have put frozen water bottles in the res and raised the lights. I have ordered water thermometers. Thanks for the help. The little fellas are trying not look quite ill. Maybe they will be alright. I have my nephew attempting to build me some water chillers. Keep the advise coming. I only know what I have read and apparently they knew about as much as me. Glad I found a site with people that know what they are doing

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The frozen water bottles have definitely lowered the res temp. One of my plants doesn’t seem to be getting better

this poor little fella is just curling up and withering away. As noted above I have raised my lights and have a fan on them. The tent temp has been staying in the 82 to 84 range.
Found a YouTube video of a homemade water chiller that I think I can do but right now the bottles seem to be doing the trick.
I just went to a 4/20 light schedule from a 1/23. Any advice?

My light schedules are backwards I’m now at a 20/4 from a 23/1

I’d vent the tent down to in the mid 70’s. Your LED may be a little too much for them as well.


Okay I built a closet of sorts to my tent in I am still battling the heat issue. Once I moved the tent into the closet I hooked up an inline intake fan and a carbon filter with fan to circulate the air. I have also been putting 3 frozen water bottles in each res at least 3 times a day. My girls were looking good but still a little stressed. While putting my grow back together the girls did not have a bubbler for several hours. I am hoping they bounce back. Once I got them back in the tent they seemed to perk up. I will post pics when I get home. My girls are just over a month old. How much longer till they flower? From your experience, will they recover? I don’t know enough yet to ask the right questions

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Okay here is my biggest plant. They were germinated and spent the first month of their lives in an indoor closet and got moved to a garage box. Like I said earlier I put an intake and exhaust fan in the tent they didn’t have before. I moved them yesterday and they were not in a res with a pump and air stones for several hours while I rebuilt the tent in the closet I built. They look rubbery and dry. I’ve been replacing the water bottles about 3/4 times a day. Res temp is usually low 80s. Temp in tent a bit ago was 90. I don’t know if there is much more I can do about temp. The roots still look healthy.

This is my runt. I’m not sure what happened. She has had red tinges at her tips from the start. May have had my lights to low at the start. She looked healthy yesterday before the move just little. She also doesn’t have the root system of the others but what she has looks healthy

This is my bushiest girl she also looks the best. A little droopier and stressed from heat and move. Beautiful root system

This one was the same size as my runt a few weeks ago and had a growing spurt over night and is catching up to her bigger sisters

The first pic is probably the one that is taking the move the hardest. Leaves are dry and droopy

They all shared the same reservoir until yesterday now I have two res both have a double pump with two twelve inch stones

I don’t really know what I’m doing and would appreciate any and all advice

Sorry my first pic didn’t show up. Not very good at navigating this sight yet. If you had a random pic of a sick girl it was probably me. Sorry

Here’s the pic I was talking about

Unfortunately we don’t see anything near mid 70s more like low 100s

What part of the world are you located?
Here in the US Walmart sells a 5000 btu AC unit for $112

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South Texas. Do you put it in the tent

I highly recommend using a portable AC. I would mount it outside the tent, then direct the airflow in.

Something like this:

This one’s $200, so you may find one cheaper.


I ordered a portable AC should get it next Monday I hope this works. They don’t look like they are doing much better after the move. I’ll keep everyone updated. I have had to increase the times I am changing the frozen water bottles.