First Bagseed Grow. When to Harvest?

3x2x5 LED Mars Hydro 600 W x2. 2 different bagseed Mystery plants. Mylar photo being the divider. A bunch of weeks ago i mistaken them for males. (Rookie) and put on back deck to be neglected. Daylight savings time came and we had unhealthy flowering females. Yay! Do I want to wait for first sign of amber tri or just before. Should i cut whole plant or harvest in colas? They have been in last years soil and fed nutes only for a few weeks. Any advice is welcomed.

Hi @Jasey welcome to the neighborhood, harvest timing is more of a preference thing than an exact. Once your pistils/hairs have mostly turned dark/red it’s time to start looking at your trichomes. This picture will give you a visual starting point and it also describes the difference in how the high will change at different stages of ripeness… good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses: n happy growing

Edit = I forgot to say that the last two on the picture are obviously out of order you will get mixed trichomes before they all turn amber

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