First Auto Grow: Are we there yet?


**First time growing autos in hydro. Ran out of light space and had to switch back to t5 s with 2700k bulbs. Ilgm gorilla glue Auto in A 4x2 tent. Not sure how old they are. Looking for a sleepy high for a high anxiety early Alzheimer’s sufferer and chronic pain for me. Are we there yet?


I really couldn’t tell from the trichome picture but your bud picture tells me she is getting close to fully mature which is what you want for your ailments…50% amber is what you need

For sedation ride that gg to 10% amber at least. You will get it. 90/10 cloudy clear for stoned. 5%-15% amber will start couch lock. I go heavy amber meds. 90/10 smoke. Gg has been my main medical plant a couple years. Just switched to runtz …for now.

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Thank you @Retiredoldguy and @Storm . Autos threw me a bit and my cataracts make it tough to see thru my jewelers loupe. Oh, wait, isn’t smoking MJ supposed to help cataracts?:rofl:


@Retiredoldguy @Storm I got a better magnifier…one I can actually see! I harvested 6/3 and I am drying and curing now. But here’s some bud porn for you.