First attempt at hydroponics

So fist grow inused soil “fox farm.” This time im trying hydropinics. This plant was planted feb 1st in rockwhool used the trio pack for hydroponics plant is extreamly slow starter. Starting to get bigger. But at it gets taller it loses the bottom leaves. Anyway have any suggestion

75ish degrees constant day and night
45 tk 55 percent humidity
650 ppm
.8 ec
6.0 ph
Exhale bags
Well ventalated. Grow box
Humidifier and dehumidiier


CO2 is only beneficial in closed environments with massive amounts of lights and a highly tuned environment.
Not a hydro person


What’s the pH of the nutes going into the buckets. What’s the temps of the water in the bucket after Its been in the room for 4 or more hours being under lights??? Water temps is a huge huge thing with hydro. Too hot or too cold causes issues. Too hot causes roo rot and lockouts and wrong pH of the nutes will cause lockouts so the plant does not absorb what it should. pH and temp is huge with hydro growing that’s why I stopped hydro. It’s great for growing if u have all the necessaries to go with the grow


Just tap water and growbig. Stirred up ph reading 6.8 add ph down to 5.8

Water temps staying pretty solid at 65 67.
My system is closed for most part. Only 1 bag is typically in there. Just purchased a new one figired id leave the other in there just cause. Lol waste not want not right. I have more light this giixer 1000. Proved to be rather nice. With soil grows. Have anothed 600. Should i break that out to. But that one on veg only. Oh yeah inhave full spectrum running 16
Hr day.

Not to shabby for repurposed materials and garage finds lol.


So anyone got any ideas on whats needed here

The bottom leaves on the hydro. Struggling bad

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First dwc grow. I ordered the White Widow with nutrients. I am also using RODI water as I have a well with high iron and am using a water softener system with ultraviolet light.

My Question is, with RODI water and only using the ILGM/Bergman’s nutrients that came with the seeds, do I need to add silica or cal/mag with these nutrients?


I e never used very nutes but if memory serves me well yes it does require calmag and silica don’t hold me to that tho as I’ve not seen too many ppl run them nutes and ones I did see run it changed up fast.

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I am only on my second grow so I am not super experienced but I did my first grow in soil and hydro 2 plants in each.

Nutes I used were general hydroponics flora trio, hydro guard and calimagic (also from General Hydroponics).

If you haven’t thought about draining the buckets, think about it now. I thought I would just change lids to fresh buckets the entire time (and did) but man did it cause more work than necessary. My air lines and stone would get tangled in the root ball etc. So now I’ve cut and installed spigots and raised the buckets a few inches prob solver.


Shopping/ordering/shipping was great.

I followed your germination process EXACTLY as your germination video recommends. Going on two weeks in the bottled water, in a clean pint mason jar, Still in the cabinet at 72-74 degrees, and Nothing!

The 20 White Widow seeds I received were NOT seeds ILGM even recommends as ‘good’ seeds:

Appearance & Color Color can vary. Mature seeds have a waxy look
Size & Shape Size can vary. Bigger might be better, but small can be good, too.
Hardness & Durability Firm, don’t squish between your fingers
Age Look for mature seeds; young seeds have a white-green cellulose sheath around them

I will not purchase from here again. Germinating FREE locally sourced seeds with the same method you recommend and they are thriving.

Your seeds, ILGM, are not worth the shipping costs.

This is way too long to soak. This isnt a seed issue, this is a grower issue.

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I know people have different approaches to this, but mine is to utilize the lid for air line pass through. Then the airstone stays with the root ball. I might use a connector of some kind just outside the bucket if I need a disconnect closer than the air pump.

Forever one bad seed, there are 100s and 100s that are positive outcomes. With that said ilgm has germination warranty, win, win.

  Sorry for your loss, we hate to see sick cannabis from anyone.  Hope your next grow exceeds your expectations.