First attempt at growing,

There should be a lumen scale on the side of the box and it’ll tell you where they are on the spectrum.


I hope mine looks that good, how long do you wait to start training stems down?

I bought a 4 pack like a dummy, nowhere to be found on the package or inside. I want to remember looking at the singles and seeing the same one at 1200? trying to go off memory but I feel thats right

I’d say at least let it get 4 true sets of leaves first. Jmo.

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Bright white or daylight should be good for veg and seedling. I’ll look for my cfl boxes and have a look once I don’t have my twins climbing on me fighting for a spot on dad.

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@Redstripe welcome brother, vet myself.
Everybody always used to talk crap about guys who would remember names and strains…however I’m now that guy and this forum is to blame lmao. Any questions are good ones and we all love pictures, ask away and post pictures all the time lol


couple questions, does it ever get old watching them grow? lol

but for the serious question, so I read you start with your 3 leaves, then 5s and the iconic 7s, and I want to say there are even 9s? do any of the leaves have properties, benefits, or detriments that the others do/dont? And are the flowers bound to a specific leaf? Thanks in advance.


nice, I hope I get to that point where I stop asking and start contributing. just so many different techniques. I literally have excel spreadsheets on certain stages, like veg, flower, trimming just to decipher different ways to go about each stage and a pro/con type list

I didn’t fully grasp this community until someone said @latewood it’s not the smoking that’s addictive it’s growing the stuff.


it really is a fascinating process, I’m going to assume harvesting is a bitter sweet conflict of emotions lol


Once you get your first harvest and get it cured it will be the most satisfying bowl you’ve ever smoked. :+1:


How did you incorporate your pictures into your journal?

<img src=“//” width=“666” height=“499”>

when I click reply I click on the upload icon, has an arrow on it, then find the picture I want on my PC and it loads it. hopefully that helps

she seems happy, but took another picture of the new growth that I want to ask about. I noticed her 2 leaves are twisting, only those two. And it’s weird because one side is curled up, then the other half of the same leaf is twisted down. I’ve tried rotating the pot, and after a closer look i am worried …

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here is the closer picture. I noticed while looking at the picture, the white specs on the leaves and cant help but think some sort of root aphids, which might explain the weird twisted leaves as well. I have not watered since my overwatering incident, and bought a mister per advice on here and hit her a few times a day.

I have 2x 100w CFL on her 24/7 and at night I turn a fan at it. I still do not see any crawling insects from the naked eye but not sure about down deeper. thoughts? also, does the new growth look normal? I was decided that I would not try to FIM, top, or train since its my first, will this effect quality of flowers …if I get to that point, fingers crossed

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Hi, your plants look pretty good…how old are they? And as far as uploading pictures, I don’t have any arrows, however, I noticed if I right click that I can drag a picture. So far that did not work but I am going to try again.

I’m not sure how its tracked, but put the seed in soil on Jan 8th, she popped up soon after. So I’m thinking 16 days old? Just worried about the white specs and now wondering if I have an insect problem.

Hey kapelady when you hit the reply button,you should see an arrow pointing up with a line on bottom of it that is the upload button

Hey there @BondPacker
He’s questioning the white spots on leaves your dealing with mites
Do you think he’s got a problem starting here ?

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