Fire light and flowering

Im about 3-4 weeks into flower on my reg girls now and everything is going well. Stretch is over and buds are starting to stack.

I am having some company come and stay next weekend and there is probably gonna be some time spent out around the fire pit - which is about 15 feet from my grow area out back. Should I be concerned about the light output from a typical fire with regards to interrupting the flowering light cycle?

My gut says no, since it really doesnt throw light that far and what makes it 20 feet out is faint, but I also dont want to take anything for granted at this point.

I would think your fine. Not much different than a full moon night or lots of lightening


I agree with @Painfree , u should be ok.

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How about a small night light on for 4 days ? I didn’t realize my timer had a night light attached, and I was away for Thanksgiving. Corrected problem and returned to 12/12 cycle. Will I have an issue? (I am in 4th week of flower)

You could see hermaphroditism. You might be fine. It’s gonna depend on how resilient your plants are, and how bright that light was.

Seeded herb isn’t the end of the world. Wet male pollen sacs and pluck them off if you find any. DJ Short insists some of the best herb he ever smoked was seeded. And you’d have some feminized seeds to grow out next round.


Thanks KC, that’s what I thought. Not seeing any signs of problems, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

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Plants are sensitive to pretty specific light spectrum and intensity. A campfire is not the right spectrum or very intense, nor is moonglow. A small timer light is questionable? People successfully grow weed in town outside? Light pollution everywhere! I think the 2 important things are spectrum and intensity. If either is not right then likely nothing bad will happen.


I always have to tend my greenhouse after dark . I use candles for light and haven’t ever had a problem with cycle interruption . However , my plants are in ground , greenhouse girls that are well established when the days get short . I hear a lot about things researching that I haven’t yet experienced . I would welcome some pollen in my garden to isolate and experiment