Finishing It Off

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"What are your procedures for finishing off your plant’s life cycle (when do I put her in the dark?) how long? do I cut her up a bit so she can defend herself? more chemicals…

What I’m looking for is what makes the most potent buds; and how, when, how much do you flavor them? and with what? Can I use like Lemon Extract at the end of the cycle to flavor her?"

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is it a autoflower if it is you can leav it on the light cycle its on they look good but there definitely not ready the hairs will turn orang the tryclomes will become milky white then it depends on what kind of high you like when the tryclomes turn amber its more couch high milky more of awake high :v:

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There are some good articles on the website that will answer the questions you have asked. I haven’t heard of flavoring the plant. That’s new.