Finally here for support! TY ILGM! What a godsend!

1st, you need to know, I’m a 61 yr old, diagnosed W/sle & some other stuffs, along with ADHD, so I may not say things properly, but think I can get you to understand me (I do get brain fog, if that happens I apologize ahead of time, as I’ve already made a fool of myself during the purchasing stage, and that was a year ago. So I’ve been reading, watching learning Thanks to you generous souls,sharing knowledge!! I have been growing plants, experimenting with diff things, growing plants others say are difficult, since I was 9… So, I love a challenge and will try something diff… However, :relaxed: I have such a problem with what I would call Hi Tech weed growing! lol I grow loads of weeds in my yard! I can’t tell you how many varieties of plants, cactus, tropicals, veggies, etc I grow But have had a rough way to go growing a weed! LOL please, if you have a few minutes, this is going to be long. Sorry

So, I started 3 diff seeds, and not 1 germed, broke my heart and was too late to report … So, move on…

I started a Strawberry Pie AF 12.1.22 Made 1st mistake of putting germed seed directly in pot, in tent, under lights, (according to some)

For the 1st week or better, she seemed stunted… the whole time, I’m checking in here, reading posts, gathering info, nervous as a you-know-what in church! So, I bravely or stoopidly, decided to pinch her back, try to force new growth quickly. Yep, it not only did that, but, when I looked closer, I noticed she auto split herself! So I had 4 main stalks growing
(I hope to insert pics, but don’t know how website works right now, but I will get some yo some how, cuz I am beeming with pride & scared to death of spoiling something at the end stages)

So, weeks 2,3 & 4, I slowly introduced fert, (following the recommendations on site here, except probably too soon)

This plant is SO ‘short’, as in not reaching to the sky like others’I’ve seen on here… but, rather, the stems can’t be more than 10 inches long, and there are buds behind buds behind buds!! She is SO pretty! Night light green crowns where the buds are forming So, finally tonight I tied back some arms/ stems… Should’ve done this 4 days ago! And tonight I went into my grow room & everything was off except gans!! :flushed: The horror I felt! I must’ve turned it all off when checking moisturizer earlier & didn’t remember I guess :cry: Temp dropped to 20.9 C which is only 1 degree cooler than my ‘night’ temp, so I’m crossing my fingers.

So, sounds like I’ve been doing ok… but, I’m lost on what to look for, the colors, etc… I thought I had bookmark all that, but can’t find them in my fog I guess & I’m panicking cuz, she’s getting close! (Do I sound like an expectant dad?? :relaxed:) And I can’t afford to mess this up! I’m almost out of smoke & no coin to buy more … my 2nd strawberry pie seed didn’t germ, I’ll start another now that this one is close (taking care of 1 is about all I can manage to keep up with while learning this. (back in the 70s we just threw seeds in the garden and they grew lol) I’m going to try and add pics, hope I don’t lose text or anything whew, that’s a lot of thumb typing on me hands

In the beginning…

Split N Pinch

She pretty much looked like this and slightly bigger over following 3 weeks

Then, she just ‘popped’ with growth! Not much in height, but, filled in the fabric pot! I got a pot full of pot!! LOL I’m sorry, I’m just SO DARNED EXCITED!!

Now, today, I tied her up… to me, at a glance, she’s just a leafy mess, but, if you zoom in, I have done 3 selective prunings, and she is loaded with buds on every single stem!

My tent

I know you ask for that template, but, I’m past that point on this one, if requested I’ll fill it out :wink:

Need to know please, lights, she gets 600 from light above her, power tent kit was purchased, including light, fan, etc I bought an additional light, turns out she’s only good for about 400 Been running 16 -8 lights, had occasionally added hot mist humidifier, until she didn’t look right & think mold could be a prob for these, so stopped that but, I thought someone said turn lights off for 2 weeks? Others say run lights 24 hrs… gah! lol which way do I go? And do I need to raise or lower?
I also noticed a couple tiny yellow spots, that may be due to my watering close to the point of wilting… but now she’s budding so heavy, I’m more generous Any suggestions for getting her to strong stage (for debilitating pain) and not have to cut off the smaller stems of buds
When should I anticipate harvest? (Planted germed seed 12.1.22) And there are certain colors I should look for? I just can’t believe this shirt of a plant will be ready for harvest soon OH! She’s becoming fragrant now, unless I’m just used to it…

If you made it to the end, THANK YOU!! I OWE YA A CUP OF COFFEE!! lol

I meant to write down moderator names I’ve been following in posts, hoping they would see mine …Bulldog? Drbrn? And a female I simply can’t remember
But! Anyone’s help is greatly appreciated! thanks again!! And Hellllloooo ILGM! (Sighs of relief, this was a huge feat for me, but so happy to be here!!)


Support ticket is easier for us to read and re-read.\Format answers questions, reducing need to delay. Thanks


I click that and download, etc, can’t C&P it I’ll see if I can find where I was earlier and I had it cuz my clipboard won’t come up while in here for some reason

Hello and welcome @rmac!! So far so good and you owe me about 2/3rd cup of coffee! She’s lookin pretty decent… the 1 question that stuck out was about the lights. Keep them at your 18/6 it works well for autos and your height looks to be decent. Tons of good folk around here to help out so don’t be shy.


Thank you, I can’t seem to find the page for the template again The one posted acts like a link, asks to download, but doesn’t do anything The one I was at earlier, before I posted, I was able to copy and paste I think Bullddog posted it … frantic looking for it, or I’ll remove my post if I can’t

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I think I just copied/pasted the template then edited it with my info

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  1. Indoor or outdoor - Indoor ipower closet kit. 2x4

  2. Origin of water. - Home faucet- corrected pH each time

  3. Origin of seeds - ILGM AF Strawberry Pie

  4. Autoflower

  5. Just starting week 5

  6. Method: fox farm and oceon forest mix

  7. Vessels: fabric pots

  8. PH and TDS/EC of source water- 6.0 -6.5

  9. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution. - 6.0 - 6.5

  10. Provided lighting: 600W Ipower light 400 w (off brand), back up, extra

  11. Temperature ; Day- 75-80 and Night: 72-76

  12. Humidity; Day and Night- 40% she doesn’t like humidity now

  13. Ventilation system; carbon exhausted and 2 small fans 1 on floor 1 on ceiling Indirect, not on plants

  14. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: no longer using humidity I spray the fabric bag a couple times when needed

  15. C02: just natural ventilation


The one I found wasn’t even complete, I’m sorry, I’ll look again tomorrow for it or edit and remove my post
Thanks and sorry

That’s good enough I think. Looks to me you have all the right bones to make a decent run. Are you letting your tap water sit open for 24hrs or so to gas off any chlorine?

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Yep, I have several gallons at the ready always and correct pH with or without fert I’m worried it’s so short! But the stems /stalks are very strong Each time I move a stalk, I find another below it, which is great. I’m probably over thinking that part But also need an idea of the pistil? colors I’m going to have to read up on harvesting now Thanks!!

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You can take some of the bigger fan leaves off that block the lower bud sites. You have quite a while to go before harvest I’d say

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Oh yes, I have, 3x in fact, very selective doing that, but may have to again I can’t wait to see the smaller stalks that were lower, come up They are all lined with buds, but I was just reading that I may need to remove some

Yep, just don’t take a whole bunch at once with autos. A lot of times you can just tuck them down, that’s less stressful than cutting them off. Then once the lower branch gets light it will shoot up past the leaf you tucked


I feel like you’re reading my mind! I do that too!! I even found 1 that is so big, at bottom, I named him grand daddy… I must’ve missed that 1, as I have a process for other plants I grow & it seems to be working with this girl That’s probably why she’s more stout, than tall … I need to leave her alone and let her do her own thing. I may be micro managing… thanks Pinboy!


You got it dude! What you using for fertilizer?

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I have stuff for all my other plants but opted for any ‘insurance’ growing these, so using all fox farm products with their soil I have pH test kit, and a 3 in 1 meter: light, moisture, ph, but rely more on how the plant looks (Don’t trust I have a good meter & can’t get another) but meh, she’ll make it, if nothing else on the love and attention she gets over the other 100 plants I have lol

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So I can keep the same light schedule the whole way thru?

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Yeah, you can stay on your 18/6 start to finish. At some point that 3&1 meter ain’t gonna cut it. The apera ph20 had treated me well without breaking the bank


Thanks! I’ll start working toward that & think others talk about that one too, so I’ll keep an eye on Amazon :wink: Really appreciate this Pinboy


This is how she looked when I finished stretching her out I can’t wait to see how she looks in 2 days