Filtration system for 12 ft x16 ft

Ok so I building a complete new grow room. It total of 192 sq ft 12 ft wide by 16 long it will be split in half half for veg and clone and second half flower so I’m trying to figure the best option for ventilation and air scrubbing would like to use one set up but not very familiar with ventilation not sure how to calculate the size .window ac for cooling also looking for advice and if you could recommend a brand

To figure out the cfm of your exhaust multiply LxWxH of the room. That’s the cubic feet of the room. Multiply that x3 and you need the fan to draw out that CFM.

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4608 that’s a lot of cfm any suggestions to find a fan and filter of this size .I’m thinking of a furnace blower motor in a cabinet. But I also want to cut down on small in late flower. And those fans add at least 1.50$a day to power

I think you will need seperate fans just my opinion though. I love the ac infinity fans. The largest is 12 inches and its Airflow is 1604 CFM at $399


I second the Ac Infinity fans. They are extremely quiet, efficient and draw very little power for the amount of CFMs they pull. Excellent customer service. Any problem you have they will take care of it without a doubt.

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Asking a lot to do that with one fan. Also have to remember that duct and filter will add static load to fan, which will reduce amount air it’s capable of moving. From a maintenance aspect smaller filters are going to be a lot cheaper to buy than larger filters too.

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That is a fairly big system. It could be done - but you are talking in line commercial/ industrial fans.and ductwork. Design, noise, available space, power, location and cost all need to be seriously considered.
Certainly not for the feint hearted.

If smell is not an issue a blower would work fine. You just have to make sure your drawing out at the highest point in the rooms and you’ll have to duct the flower fan because of light leaks.

Only half will be used for flower with 3 tables of 3 plants each so 9 total plants on a rotation so I’ll harvest around every 20 days or so .the other half will be used for clones and veg plus a wash station and storage. I would like to combat the smell .I have lots of experience with electric and plumbing carpentry. And have been back growing for about a year after a 10 year break.

Also I have bin collecting material for this project for a while. 3 separate rdwc system’s I have the location already