FF Bembe Inquiry

Hey all, anyone use FoxFarms Bembe? I bought into the marketing hype and got a bottle as I use the trio. However, is this really just a FF label on a bottle of molasses?

I was going to apply the recommended 3tsp/gal into de-chlor tap water. My ph is typically around 9, after my normal FF nutes I get to 5.9, then PH Up.

However, on just the bembe, it took my ph down to 3.8. Is this normal? Am I supposed to Ph the water, add bembe, and disregard the PH?

Love any input, thanks all!

Yes, I use Bembe, yes it is a repackage molasses with “special” ingredients, and yes, it is extremely acidic and requires pH adjustment before feeding your plants.

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Thank you @CMichGrower do you run the rest of ff nutes? Do I need to do them all together or can I use Bebme on an off-nute water?

I’m a long time fox farms user but I am transitioning into other brands of nutrients because I’m courious and can afford to.

If you are growing in soil, then yes, feed the Bembe on the water days and use the “trio” on feeding days.

You should be using this feeding schedule. There are some things that aren’t so obvious I should point out.

When I first started using Fox Farms nutrients none of the Bush Doctor stuff in the orange section of the chart existed so the older charts just had the “trio” of Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, and the “solubles” (powdered) of Open Sesame, Beastie Blooms, and Cha Ching in the purple section of the chart.

If you were to mix the trio, and during flower, the solubles, at the dosages shown, you would discover that the EC or PPM of your mixture would end up in the range shown in the purple section of the chart (assuming low ppm of your starting water). There really isn’t any room in the feeding to add Bembe or any other Bush Doctor product without exceeding the target ppm. Something needs adjusting…

Easiest thing to do is feed any Bush Doctor product and cal-mag during the water days.

If you are growing in coco or ProMix then you need to mix all the crap together, check ppm, and dilute the mixture until you reach the target ppm in the purple section of the chart. Coco is even slightly more complicated because you can’t dilute the cal-mag, so you need to dilute with cal-mag water.


@CMichGrower this is great, and I may tap you for questions later on. I do use this schedule, I appreciate sharing. I am about week 5 flower, hence the bembe inquiry. In FFOF as the medium.

This is my first run in decades so made some mistakes, like feeding nutes in ‘charged’ FFOF that hasn’t diluted the nutes yet, which is what 4-6 weeks? Luckily no big damage. I was only using about 50% of what they recommend, based on what others have said. But you nailed it, the ppm would hit those absurd levels if you went full strength, and I am trying to get around that 1100 level.

I don’t know if I want to risk going to coco so I have more control over the nutes. I am fine playing chemist, I have the time and interest, just don’t want to mess up a run playing Dr. Tim. But I would like to better understand how to best plan for using FFOF or Happy Frog, letting the nutes dilute via just water, then pickup the above schedule and see how things go.

And one more confirmation, its fine to mix the bush doctor products w/ cal-mag? If its ok, does order matter? I did confirm with FF that no order necessary for their nutes, just curious on the cal-mag.


You can mix cal-mag with just about anything including Bembe.

If you like being a chemist and interested in control by all means switch to coco. You need to feed as soon as the first set of real leaves are developed and feed from there on out, but there is no guessing what is already in the soil and no screwing around monitoring the runoff to determine when and how much to feed. With coco you just follow the feeding schedules, feed every watering, and water frequently, up to several times a day if you set up automatic irrigation. If you are interested in the possibility of using “coco for cannabis” by all means do an internet search for “High Frequency Fertigation” to learn why and how to switch to coco.