Fertilizer Help Please

Brand new grower and i am using Bergman’s stage 3 plant booster. I can’t figure out how much 1/5 tsp is in grams. Help!

The education system failed me horribly :frowning:

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Do you own a TDS and PH meter? That would be the best way to determine your nutrient load.

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1 tsp is 15 grams. I would guess you could ÷ by 5 for your 1/5
3grams ? Maybe ?
Just taking a shot in the dark here.
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15 grams of what is the question. Different materials have differing weight densities.

Good point you have there. :thinking:

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I would expect that a powdered fertilizer is only a couple of grams per tsp. I would get a scale and weigh your portions.

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3 .785 liters in one gallon… 0.2 g of nutes x 3.785 = .757 g
Bergmans lists measurements for g/L & tsp/gal
Somebody correct me if i’m wrong.

There is no dumb question’s, just dumb answers. :rofl:

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Your answer sounds way better than mine. :rofl:


LOL! Well i’m using bergmans on one of mine, so I knew the chart had both.


And you were only off by .23 gram :grinning: @4204life