Fertigation, sounds interesting.?

Hey Latewood, sorry I posted on the wrong place! Hmmmm fertigation ? I take it you give nutrients through a tube like an IV? Sounds interesting. Do you make like a master cylinder that feeds the line to the plants? Are there a lot of maintenance procedures that need to be performed. Anywhere I can look at a set-up like that? I would definitely be interested. Those tomatoes (and my AK that I just grew) could definitely love getting all the water they need without waiting for me !

Fertigation; Or; Applying nutrient solution, (fertilizer), to plants in a soil is accomplished by using a simple pump, with recycle timer, coming from a reservoir with Nutrients, to a 1" main line, and then converted to 1/2" poly tubing.

From this you can apply Micro tubing technique with sprayers or drip stakes. Best way to apply nutrient solution in a grow bed is to apply the use of drip tape, and plastic mulch.

Any questions? :slight_smile:

I think that covers it. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks!

Looking at Hydro as a possibility of using it for grows. Any place I can look for information on starting a hydro grow with a list of needed items ? Going to do one, maybe two, more grows in soil and then maybe switch to hydro. Wanted to take some time to look it over and decide.