Feeding schedule for autoflowering with Flower Power fertilizers (coco coir)

Hi, this is my first post here, I apologise if this is not the appropriate place to ask. I’m using Flower Power nutrients I bought from this site, and I’m growing both autoflowering and photoperiodic plants in two separate grow rooms. The question here regards to autoflowering plants. The strains are Power Skunk, Shark and Black Berry Widow. I use coco coir and perlite (60:40) in regular plastic 11 L pots (5 plants) - 7.5 square foot area and 450 W full spectrum LED lights. The plants have already 3 nodes. at this stage I’m using “Grow” fertilizer from Flower Power series and I intend to use “Bloom” and “Boost” fertilizers to get the maximum out of the autoflowering plants, so I ask if you could give me advice/directions about using the last two fertilizers to get the best results come harvest time. I’m thinking of using “Bloom” when I see the pre flowers (or perhaps should I start sooner?) and boost to fatten the buds. If you need more information, I’d be happy to provide it. Thanks in advance.


I think you have the right idea I would start bloom once flowers were developing


Thank you for replying @Donaldj. What about “Boost”, would you recommend that I add it in the last weeks of the flowering stage? B/R.

midflower to flush so starting 2-3 weeks after bloom and running for about 3-4 weeks than stop should put your ladies around 50 days into flower leaving time for flush

Going to be watching this as I bought the same as you from ILGM
I Got some auto’s going and White widow and Gold Leaf going outside

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Great @Rick3 we have a similar scenario, we may interchange experiences with flower power fertilizers I have 6 auto’s (different strains) and 6 photoperiod WW plants growing, in two different grow rooms (and also I have some Gold Leaf seeds stored in the fridge for the next crop). I’d realy love to hear from your Gold leaf plants since it’ll be the first time I grow that strain. Are you growing all the plants in soil outside?

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Thank you @Donaldj.

Well got to say first this is my first time growing, so I probably lost 20 plants,
I still have of seeds in frig Too

Going to have 2 auto’s in a tent Amnesa haze, OG Kush,
1 maybe 2 gold leaf (1 not doing to good)
5 white widow outside?
Others don’t know what they are
Have 13 going right now
Yes all soil, for now

I wish you good luck pal, while researching a lot and solving out doubts you’ll have little problems even if it is your first time. Have you devised a feeding and watering schedule for your plants? What’s your strategy?

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Keep Them Alive LMAO

some of them that died where either not enough water or the the way I was doing it, Cuz they where stretching even tho light was close, I was water around the edge to Make the Root’s find water
Then had 7 seeds 5 ww and 2 northern light auto, Well did not burp it enough in the dome and they got MOLD & gone just like that

What are your lights and their power? I think they stretch because of reaching more light but not because of humidity. It’s not only distance from the light but also the luxes reaching the leaves.
Regarding the casualties and accidents you mention, don’t worry too much because everybody has, no matter experience or anything. God’s will perhaps.
I suggest not to water them too often nor too much, every plant and specially auto’s love dry-wet cycles, don’t overfeed them, and correct the light issue.
What’s the capacity of your pots? Perhaps they’re too big and those need more watering.

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Don’t know much about Hydroponics
you say Auto’s like wet-dry cycles How is that done Then?

Hello! It’s not hydroponics. I meant you shouldn’t overwater the plants, just leave the soil to slightly dry before watering again, and check out for a good drainage in your pots. So they recommend…
Best regards

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