Feeding clones with no roots

I have takin some new clones and did all the scraping and cutting and misting but what do I do now as far as feeding with no roots or do I even reallly have to feed them anything for great success?

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No food just keep them in hi humidity

Thank u sir and also once the roots r showing when should I start feeding them? And around 150 ppm?

Well when to start feeding I think there is others who would say a couple weeks but I personally give them a little food once they start showing roots but only a like a eighth of what I give them once they are a couple weeks old

Don’t forget that once they have roots, they can be treated as adults. Because they’re the same age as the plant it was cloned from. @Gardenguy @Rollincannons

Foliage feeding is what I do mostly to keep the humidity up under the dome. Until they get roots.


My clones are given a full dose of nutes right out the gate because I always have other clones going. They still use the water with no roots and the nutes are in the water when they are ready to eat. I keep temps between 70-75 and humidity always above 90%. My clones thrive and grow no problem and always root. Besides, roots start to form before you even see the if using rockwool and once roots pop, the clone needs food to survive. However, if you withhold nutes, I have determined that the roots will grow out faster due to trying to find food. Once the roots start getting nutes, the roots tend to stop growing because they have easy access to food. You can grow clones without nutes no problem, but if you want them to start growing in the clone stage, then food is a must.

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I snip my clones, use clonex, place in rapid rooters and then a cloning tray. There’s a heating pad under the tray, and a dome to keep Humidity high. I check/water/mist once a day. Within 1 week to 10 days roots start popping from the rapid rooters. I then place them in a solo cup full of seedling friendly soil. When the leaves begin to grow outside the diameter of the cup I transplant into 1 gal containers with fox farm ocean Forrest. I don’t usually use nutes until just before flowering.

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