Fast great customer service!

Thank you ILGM> One seed was missing from a 15 seed order and ILGM already sent me 5 new seeds for 0! Can’t beat that kind of service!


The are the best at customer service!


best hands down


I received seeds within a week, soaked three in a glass of water and all germinated in the water inside of 24 hours. Very happy with experience so far.


Welcome to the forum @earwicker, what strain? Are you going to start a journal?

White Widow auto beginner kit to start. (20 seeds is a ton!) Around harvest going to order autoflower mix 1.0 because I really like those strains. 2.0 looks great too. Good choices, crew. After these three grows I will try a photo, ILGM has so many good strains. I love Harlequin and kushes.

Using a Topogrow 3x3 tent full setup (4" fan, LED COB 800w don’t ask for brands) with 2-3 3 gallon buckets. Sunpro Black Gold Soil. Got an Apera PH60 still trying to figure that gadget out.

Probably won’t do a journal this time, too embarrassing, next maybe. I need to read a lot. A LOT. First grow is for learning… If it fails, I want to be able to research the symptoms on my own.

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Nothing to be chicken about, start a journal!

Anyways, good luck.

ummm back to front journals are for first growers who want to have a team of really good growers with nothing better to do then try and help give the best advice and improve your yields… trust me bud you wont regret it… nothing to be embarrassed about here, except perhaps not starting a journal… :wink: :grin: :grin:

and welcome buddy. :upside_down_face:


Hello, I am not a novice grower but this is the first order I have gotten from you. I germinated my seeds then planted after this growth stopped. Tried this twice and am working on the third now. Can you help?

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Whoops sent to wrong person

Who should I have sent this to?

I would think customer service. I’m just a customer of theirs.

I’m curious as to how to proceed when the seeds don’t sprout or die right after sprouting?

We purchased 10 Gorilla Glue, and thus far 2 of 7 didn’t make it. I’m saving the last 3, for a indoor grow in September, but I afford to wait to have them replaced?