Farm to Vape and QWET evaporated concentrate

I am going to be testing out Farm to Vape and thought I’d document my results and learn to use it correctly.

First I used @Caligurl post on how she made evaporated QWET concentrate here:

Today I received the Unflavored “Thinner Kit” from Farm to Vape and a borosilicate glass syringe with a 14ga blunt tip.

The vape cartridges should arrive tomorrow… From Pckt Brand… I bought the avalanche color(white) of SPRK Ceramic Cartridge.

Ceramic to help avoid heavy metals.

Please tag anyone that might be interested please.


I need to clean that end table…


Eagerly waiting for the USPS with my vape cartridges.

Just finished charging my vape pen…

Anyone know what temperature I should set the vape pen?

@ChittyChittyBangin I know you had answered a low temp on the “ooze” vape pen… But what voltage setting was it?

It is hard to tell what the range is… There’s a low listed of 3.3v and high number of 4.8v. But the confusion is… There’s dots between… It would be nice if one could tell if those dots were… 4.8v plus a few for the high… Or 3.3v minus a few for the low temp.

I’d appreciate any tips on this…it’ll help my “testing”.


Does this help? It’s a starting point, now to figure out your volts compared to temps… didn’t they include anything in the instructions or on line?



My concentrate:

Been in fridge.


Two bottles Everclear in freezer… About 7oz of bud left to make into concentrate.

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@Caligurl thank you…

Sorry my kind has been all over the he place this week… I’ll check for instructions here or online… Didn’t occur to me… Thank you!

This week’s been hard.

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The box instructions and online are vague… No temps listed.

Mine is an old one… Will probably replace it soon.
Here’s a scrolling screenshot of their “how to” blog:

To make this week harder… Was flossing my teeth this morning, one of my front teeth broke in half… Had no issues… Brush regularly… Just about flipped out. As per usual… Dentists are all closed today… And long weekend… Seems wrong.

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Okay… Feeling stupid.

The ooze pen voltage rant earlier… When you twist the voltage… It stops at 3.3 & 4.8. The dots or notches on the dial between don’t matter at all.

Oh no! Hopefully the tooth doesn’t hurt from that…

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@Caligurl Luckily no… I hope I can get it fixed before Thursday. I haven’t seen most family in decades… Don’t want a broken front tooth at the funeral.

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Almost here:

Cartridges have arrived!


I found that the lowest setting 3.3 or whatever you said produced thr best flavors for me. The higher temps just made it taste burnt

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@ChittyChittyBangin thank you!

Just getting everything ready… So far:

Regular black Sharpe marker for size comparison… The bottles seemed bigger on their website… Looks like I will need more liquidizer sooner than I had hoped.


1 gram as per instructions.

Sooooo this is where things appear to get funky.

The bottle is soooo small.

I have struggled to get 1 gram into it…
I started by weighing the bottle… But trying to cut up concentrate is to gooey… I put it on the fridge… It gets brittle and little pieces come off.

By the time you get smaller pieces… It’s gooey again.

So… Approximately 1 gram in bottle… But you cannot easily get it down in the bottle to fill to appropriate level of 2-3 ml.

I’ll have to measure out 2-3 ml then get it in.

But had to put the bottle in warm water to warm it enough to drop lower in the bottle to get liquidizer in.

It’s been a pain in the butt to get to this seemingly simple point in the instructions.

I am going to look for something to measure 2-3ml.



So perfect 2.5ml:

Should have bought an extra syringe.


It’s in.

3-5 minute boil… I did 5 due to the mess.


Hopefully these ovegloves will finally work for something…