Fans when drying

I’ve heard fans while drying are necessary BUT seems to me they drop the wait DRASTICALLY. Anyone else notice this?
I’ll have a plant that has nice sized colas, good weight, etc and after 3 days or so, they’re less than a oz (this is about a 3 ft tall fan and NOT blowing directly on the plants)
This is in a closet where the temp is in the 60’s with a humidity between 40-55

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Fresh cut plants will lose 50 to 60 percent water weight once dried. Itll shrink almost half its size so its normal. I keep 2 tiny fans in my closet blowing opposite ways not hitting directly and keep my humidity around 55 60% and 68 70 degrees. Maybe stick a wet rag in there to raise humidity. I had to

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As they dry they will drop weight drastically. Typically you’ll end up with around 20% of what they weighed wet. So if they weighed 100 grams wet, you’re looking at around 20 grams dried.


Oh trust I know they drop a lot of water weight but DAMN. Seems fans drop it a bit more.
I’ve had runs where they ended up still with a good end weight after drying

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The plants only gonna shrink to whatever size it would be when dried whether dried too fast or slow. I personally think 40 rh is a lil low and will dry it quicker