F#&k Bugs, My Outdoor Growbox is a fortress

Built this thing today, its a 4x4 crate with 6ft 2x4’s, window screening, and a diy door. Last summer spider mites in the begining and catapillers got the best of my crop during flower. So this year built them a lil home defense system.

Got 2 Green Crack and 2 Bubba Kush in 3gal, fixing to upgrade to 7gal after i build another box like this one.


It just got thru raining so plants are drooping, normally they are raised to the heavens

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Imagine an outdoor SCROG in this! Maybe next year

what ya gonna do if the plants get big?


I plan on building another one only 3x3 not 4x4. This one is 6ft and the next will be as well. Tallest plant is 3ft 7in as of today. I think two of these will be plenty of room. Can fit four 7gal pots if needed. I think it will be enough.

I wish you luck with that! My only concern would be if a nasty got in, it would be safe from natural predators.
My greenhouse has some pests, but its open to the outside air, while I get the odd chewed leaf here and there, there is little chance the little bastards could keep up with the production! :laughing:


Last year mites in veg and catapillers in flower. Same style boxes just no protection from the pretty lil butterflys laying eggs or the catapillers blown from trees in the wind. Im sure this will be better than last year.

Got trellis nets as well. Gonna spray for pest, flush soil upgrase pot size to 7gal and then put in the trellis net.


Since the plants are enclosed, perhaps an IPM strategy vs. spraying?


Ive only picked 3 green worms off my plants all year… so far lol. If I loose a bud or 2 to little bastards its not that big a deal. Used to loose multiple plants to deer! But now its legal to grow herb so no more bush grows!

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Exactly my thought! I have an automatic IPM because all are welcome in my greenhouse until they become a problem then I wear the hood and pull the lever!

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IPM? Dont know what that is?


Ok, so lady bugs, companion plants, maybe praying mantis, i coight a lil one in front yard a week ago, he kicks it in my indooor grow room. I call him Preacher.

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Integrated Pest Management.


Good luck with your outdoor grow… :+1::+1::+1: are you planning on topping to control the height?? I have 6 outdoor plants and they have outgrown their 20 gallon fab pots… smallest is 4ft…the rest are between 7-9 ft and just entering flower…still haven’t started their stretch in flower

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Topping soon.

My tallest is 42inches, this boxnis 6ft2in

Very nice craftsmanship! What a great idea man as others stated you will run into height problems no doubt when they start flowering. Definitely could see this implemented on a larger scale but then you have to compare prices vs a hoop house or traditional greenhouse. Still a great hidea!!

Was looking atbut after work today. If height becomes an issue wouldnt be to hard to add a couple feet. I have the extra material. Im more worried bout ph balance, ive had low ph issues twice so far. Im pre ph’ing the soil im upgrqding to

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