Eye pressure/ glaucoma

what plant is best for eye pressure

@latewood may have an answer for you

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We’ll get him over here for you Bobbi, no worries :v: He’s just a busy guy. He runs his own grow op, is making his own nutrient line, and is a moderator for us on the forum.

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personally I would just look for a strain with high cbd’s … seems to me you cannot build up too much pressure when you are all Chinese eyed.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Isn’t @Majiktoker pretty sharp on medical?

I’m never really sure honestly lol, I just know Latewood is legally blind and might have some personal experience with this. He might not though?

I’d agree with @oak though, higher CBD usually means more medicinal qualities.

There are details in the seed shop on specifics of what strains will help with medically , but any high CBD strain like blue berry should help with glaucoma I believe , have you tried googling on Wikipedia maybe ?

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I’ll Google and see what pops up, thanks for all your help. I did order auto white willow, hope that will help.

What can I help with, and yes very good with medical properties, and making medicinal topical ointments and stuff

I was wondering what the best plant was for eye pressure. Don’t have glaucoma yet but headed in that direction.

Typically any thing with high cbd or an even ratio of thc and cbd.

Can you suggest a good plant, what about blueberry

One of the keys to demystifying cannabis is to understand that it comprises thousands of different strains that have various effects that affect individuals differently. Due to its complexity, many scientists disagree on cannabis as a universal medicine. Not every strain is going to work for every glaucoma patient, which is part of the reason that eye doctors are hesitant to recommend cannabis for their patients. Many doctors simply do not have the time or the curiosity to learn which strains are most effective for treating glaucoma.

When studying various types of weed, glaucoma treatment researchers need to consider which strains have the most positive effect on relieving eye pressure. The first step to selecting the proper cannabis strain is to understand the difference between sativa and indica cannabis. While sativas are more energetic and creative, indicas are more relaxing and likely to put your whole body to sleep quickly. The following cannabis strains have been given positive reviews by glaucoma patients.

Maui Waui

This popular sativa is one of the most well known cannabis strains in history. Its sweet smell and sour aftertaste make it unique weed. Not only is it used for glaucoma, it can also be used to treat anxiety, depression and pain. It has a medium potency but produces an uplifting happy energy for the patient. When considering the various types of weed, glaucoma patients should pay attention to this tropical strain.

Cherry Kola

This indica strain is considered top of the line by Sonoma County Collective in California. It has potency of 17 percent THC and up to 20 percent cannabinoids. This pot has a cherry aroma and produces an intense head rush. It looks green mixed with plenty or reddish-orange hairs.


With a bright green appearance mixed with dark blue and purple spots along with orange hairs, this grade A indica hybrid is extremely potent. It is most appropriate for nighttime use at home. The buzz is heavily concentrated behind the eyes. It has a sweet earthy fruit flavor but can limit social interaction. Another characteristic about the buzz is that it is very strong and relaxing, providing pain relief for glaucoma patients

I’d actually recommend blue berry or cherry kola, blue berry is a great strain and easy to grow, and I’ve only grown the cherry kola 3 times, had to honestly say I was more in favor of the blueberry


Perfect, thank you so much for popping in. And thanks to all the others who helped this old granny.

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Any time my pleasure, if you need more help ill be around

I absolutely love Blueberry. If I could I’d send you a clone @Bobbi!


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Thanks anyway, a very kind thought!

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