Extreme underwater and how to fix it

So this is an example of extreme underwatering.
And I thought!
This is the perfect opportunity to show what it looks like and how easy it is to fix it.
I’m just now about to water it and put it back in the tent.
It’s literally as easy as that to fix it :grin:

And here’s what it looks like.

I will post pictures of it when it perks back up in just a little while.


Good luck, day 2 no water since I found 100%RH and every leaf wet with water. I will try to dry them out.


I’m out of likes @1HappyPappy, it can be scary to see it for the first time. A bit of drought stress is fine, it’s a natural process outside, it doesn’t rain every day.

Sometimes after it gets really dry the medium can become a bit hydrophobic - water will want to sit on top instead of soaking right in. It may also run off faster. It helps to water slowly and thoroughly. Consider using some fish Sh!t which should help act as a wetting agent as well as boost microbial activity, which slows down under very dry conditions.


I’ve actually been trying to keep it growing slowly.
I’ve got it in under a weak light with a bunch of clones from it. So I kinda knew this was going to happen.
She happy for now till she drifts off again next week :sweat_smile:

Little droopy still but shes standing and picking her leafs up.


Ive seen worse , someone got evacuated from california for like 3 weeks and his plants looked bad when he came back but only lost about 1/3 of his foliage after it sprung back