Extraction machines?

What about extraction machines? What do you think is the best machine to buy?



I love my Magical Butter machine,easy to use clean and works well.The one you have listed has some bad reviews.


@Covertgrower knows more about extraction than anyone else I know.


**I use and really like my Levo 2 ** :bat: :rofl:


There’s the source turbo for extraction also. Besides making extracts with BHO.
The magic butter machine works too, just depends which way we’re trying to go.


Covertgrower I’d like to make edibles and vape oil for my dad in the Care Center (strokes). I saw one that was $700 - not sure exactly what I need to accomplish these two things.

Can’t do this with a ‘butter’ extraction device like the MBM2. I have a Source Turbo which allows you to extract and recover your 190 proof alcohol for reuse. From there it’s practicing good techniques doing a QWET extraction before using.

I make dabs, oil for edibles, etc and can do a MUCH better job of determining correct dosages using the oil from the Source versus cooking cannabis in coconut oil. Almost no chlorophyll if you do your part. My chocolate chip cookies will rock your world and you’d never know they have cannabis in them (until it hits!).

4 hour soak at -40F

Strain and filter cold

In the machine

5 grams of 90% pure THC from 30 grams of flower.

Plant material is saved to be run at higher temps for edibles. It will pull an additional 3 grams of broad spectrum cannabinoids on the second run.

A lot of users add a Buchner funnel/pump and 120 micron filter, and a heat pad (silicone) to dry to shatter or crumble.


If you want to make vapes, which are virtually the hardest thing to do then the cheapest option is a source turbo.

I would strongly recommend side stepping vape carts and instead buy a dab pen and fill the dab pen. Something like a Dr dabber stella, then fill the chamber with concentrates you make from your source turbo.

Vape carts are terribly wasteful, expensive and extremely frustrating to make without alot of time and money.


We bought the levo 2 for infusing it’s a 1 stop shop. For extraction I would love the source turbo but I used my weed budget on other things. Right now I’m using

This alcohol distiller. I set the temp at 82c and as it boils off the everclear it captures it for rebottle and what’s left in the heater I bottle or cook the rest off on stove top for the tar. Ya have to keep an eye on it at the end so don’t burn the extract. The process is actually fun. Over a few runs I ended up with 40grams of 75% extract.

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Wow i love ur end product i wish i could do that ,you dont have a step by step instructions do you lol

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The Source Turbo is nice as it keeps the material at or below 105 F so a lot of the terpenes are retained: you get a nice flavor from the finished dabs.

There are numerous step by step instructions but in short:

Freeze flower and alcohol in separate Mason jars. 1 oz of alcohol per gram of flower. Colder the better: I soak in dry ice for 4 hours.

Mix together and shake vigorously for 3 minutes. Flower should be loosely broken apart. Let stand for 2 to 7 minutes longer with a final shake before straining.

Strain material through a jar strainer to get liquid off the plant material quickly. Save plant material for extraction for edibles.

Filter through a cone coffee filter. I do it twice. Others go on to use a Buchner funnel.

Put in the Source and run it until done: about 4 hours.



Wow i dont onow if i can get a turbo in Australia

Myfriendis410 - and this doesn’t taste totally terrible???

Thank you!! And this doesn’t taste completely terrible, right?

Nice!! Thank you.

I didn’t realize vapes are SO difficult to make… Well darn. :frowning:

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It has a very delicate taste and is off the chart potent.


Thanks! You don’t have to decarb it first?

If I am doing a whole plant extraction I will handle the QWET (Quick Wash Ethanol Tincture) differently: I might soak at -5 F for 24 hours with vigorous shaking whenever I think about it lol. I can either decarb the flower before doing a wash or decarb the oil after (Jar Tech method).

The cool thing is if doing a dab extract you can expect potency to be around 90% pure THC. This means that despite the potency of the flower you start with, the only difference is you’ll get less oil but same potency. This makes dosing much more precise than cooking in coconut oil. Whole plant extraction of same material would put it at around 50 to 60% THC but most of the other cannabinoids as well. This wash will be much darker: full of chlorophyll which you do NOT want to smoke (bitter and nasty). I always reserve that for edibles and despite it being full of chlorophyll you can’t taste any weed taste in the edibles. @MattyBear has had some of my dosed cookies: maybe he’ll weigh in.


@Myfriendis410 if I make fresh frozen bubble hash then can I run the hash through the source!?

Was thinking about frwh freezing the whole plant, washing it all and then running that through the source!