Expert advice needed please. Ready or not?

I studied everything: trichomes: I’m seeing 85% cloudy 15% amber and still some clear. Pistils ready buds fat, been flushed, could do one more. I have been harvesting too late. I think it’s ready. What about you?


A Wiseman once said " when you think it’s ready to harvest. Wait a week".

15 percent amber I’d let it cook a little longer. A week maybe. Also people have different preferences more amber more couch lock high. You typically wanna see like 50 - 70 percent amber.

It’s look great though good job :ok_hand:


Thank you. I’m not looking for couch lock. I’m looking for a psycho-active high.


I’m personally shooting for 90% cloudy 10% amber with 70% of pistols orange. Or as close to this as possible. This is mine i am about two to three weeks out


Thank you, I’m shooting for the same results. I’ll let her go a few more days.

What strain is this? Sativa and Sativa Dominant hybrids will give you the uplifting buzz you’re looking for with Indica and Indica dominant strains more of the sedated buzz :love_you_gesture:

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Flower structure looks mature. It would be good to know how long since first pistils? Also strain and whether photo or auto.

I think you are in the window but lets get that additional information.

Pretty plant!

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Thank you C99 photo, first pistil Aug 18, 23 outdoor moved to indoor on 9/30/23

Thank you, Cindy 99 photo 55 days since first pistils outside grow moved inside to 12/12 on 9/30/23

I like to see the pistols go darker and shrivel. I see a lot of white pistols. Are they new to the flower or have they been there for a bit?

The white pistils are new. I think it’s due to moving it inside on 9/30/23. and being under 12/12 light ViparSpectra P2500 Thank you