Experiment with companion planting

I have 11 different plants in total I posted before about my sad seedlings, but they have been looking great. I have decided to try a few different things out, I have 2 CBD plants that I am growing in the ground with companion plants. The companions are sunflowers and tomatoes I have also lined the bed with Marigolds (I have to add about 2 more). They are all growing in a combination of compost soil with a little bit of Maines organic ocean forest, and added nutrients premixed into the soil to make it a little bit better for all of them. Then I have 9, 5-gallon buckets.
In these buckets I have used different types of soil mixes. I have about 3 in each type I want to see how the girls grow in these different mixes to better my grow next year. I have 3 in the Coast of Maine organic ocean mix. The three are Peyote Gorilla, White widow and white OG.
In the next three buckets I have Fox Farm Ocean mix- cherry truffle, Blueberry and peyote gorilla#2. And the last growing mix is a compost soil with added nutrients to ensure that they get what they need, White Widow 2 and White Og, as well as my 2 CBD plants.
Now for my companions for the buckets I am planting Marigolds in some pots, and I will be putting them near each 5-gallon bucket.
I am going to make an organic insecticide with some marigold leaves Its organic which is nice, and I am hoping that it works I have read that it keeps many things away bug wise.
I will post pictures tomorrow.
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Awesome can’t wait to see them! Cherry truffle sounds like that’s a strain made for me :laughing::laughing:


I’m thinking about companion plants also, maybe some other herbs :pray:t2:


This i going to be interesting for sure. :sunglasses: I’m watching :eyes:


You knowing im here for the show

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One question though, do they not fight for water/nutrients?

Thanks guys sorry it has taken me a bit longer than expected to post the pictures.

This is my herb garden with Dill Cilantro Basil and Tomato plant with marigolds as well.

This is the other one with Dill Garlic Marigolds Tomato and Basil. Behind this flower bed is a Strawberry plant (I did not take a pic of that)

Those last pictures of the larger flower bed have my two CBD girls behind them are a row of sunflowers all different types (the labels came off before I transplanted them). On the right side I have two tomato plants and on the left there is one. The front of the flower bed there are three marigolds and then a lavender plant in the middle. I will be adding marigolds in between the girls as well as in between them and the tomato plants.
Also the reason there are metal trash barrels on them is because there are asshole animals near where I live and one of them ate ALL of my other sunflowers which should have been huge by now!
Now for the rest of the ladies!


Peyote Gorilla

Cherry Truffle

This is the Cherry truffle as well I just noticed Today she is canoeing on the top

Side by side White OG #1 is on the left and #2 is on the right in my compost soil.

White Widows #1 is the left and # 2 is on the right is the compost soil.

This last one is the Cherry truffle #2 (it’s actually a mystery because we are not sure what strain she is).



I mixed the soil withe nutrients before I planted anything in the flower beds. When I was doing my research, I found that the companion plants help each other thrive. So far, I have not seen any fights going on lol. I also water my everything but the ladies everyday my cooking herbs are thriving with their companions. I water the girls with full gallons about every other day and I move them when there will be very rainy days, so I do not have a rerun of last year’s issues.

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@Se7en Theoretically yes you would be right. If planted in the same soil as marijuana plants, they should compete for the nutrients.

This is why you do not want more than 1 marijuana plant in a bucket and or fabric pot. I’m a soil grower as its to hot here for a Hydro system. So no input from me on any Hydro System.

I had two marijuana plants in the same 15 gallon fabric pot and I ended up tossing both as they refused to flower after 2+ months. I won’t
make that mistake ever again.


Hey guys since my last post of the ladies they are looking so much better. Im going to be doing some yard work today and will post pictures to show some updates. My 2 cbd plants that are in the ground one of them (red pure) has not really grown too much and the other has which is weird because she seems to be flowering already. I also haven’t added nutrients to them except for what I put into the soil before transplant. I will be giving them a tea tomorrow, as well as the potted ladies which are looking amazing. Stay tuned for the pics, Happy Growing!


Ok I am sorry for the delay!! I am impressed with how they are growing so far and @seven because of your question about the ladies with the companion plants fighting for water I have been watering them all the same time I just give the CBD plants more water. I keep a close eye on the other plants in case they seem to need water more than every other day but so far so good. I also recently realized that one of my girls in the flower bed is an auto… I did not know this until the other day when I saw it already flowering!! I know silly me lol however the other one is thriving alongside the sunflowers and tomatoes it blends right in with the row of sunflowers in the back. ill show you what I mean in the pictures… Here goes the updates guys.

This is the red pure Accidental Auto CBD lol
This is the other CBD, which you can see it is so far the same height as the sunflowers in the back!
This is the white O.G #1 & #2

White Widow #1 & #2
Cherry Truffle
Peyote Gorilla
Cherry Truffle #2
Peyote Gorilla #2
We gave them a tea of Happy Frog Jump start fertilizer. We wanted to wait a little bit after transplanting to make sure they were good for when we gave them the tea. I am very pleased with how my experiment is going so far what do you guys think?
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Looking good to. :100::100:

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Looking good to me. Lots of plants. My kinda party. :joy::+1:


Yeahhh they’re looking good growmie!! Cherry truffle is all me :rofl::rofl:

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Thank you. I learned a lot from last year’s grow and this year so far is way better!! Once I learned about companion planting, I was all for it! So far it is really working out…

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Thanks, the Cherry Truffle is huge, and I am so excited!!

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Hey guys sorry I have been MIA!! I have had a death in the family, and myself and the rest of my family are trying to wrap our heads around wtf happened. However, I wanted to update you guys so, I have seen some AMAZING progress with my experiment, and I am so proud of my ladies for thriving even with the excessive heat we have been having here. I recently gave them some golden tree and a flower stacker to help them a little bit and next week possibly going to give them another tea with the happy frog. I can happily say that my ladies are almost as tall as I am… I am 5’3 I know that isn’t tall at all but ahhhh I am so happy!!! I cannot wait to show you all my beautiful ladies tomorrow. I will be posting in the afternoon maybe evening-ish stay tuned guys. @Se7en @MrPeat @Dforce @PurpNGold74 Gold74


Sorry for the loss, it’s always tough, especially if you don’t know want happened, stay strong, and good to hear about your ladies. :v:


Sorry to hear about your loss brother! Hope you and your family find peace real soon!!

Can’t wait to see the girls now! Bet that cherry truffle is growing my name on it :grimacing::wink:


Thanks guys! Here are the ladies.

This one here is blended in with the sunflowers and tomato plants. She is just as tall as they are.

This is my blueberry

White widow 1


white OG1


Peyote Gorilla 1

Peyote Gorilla 2

Cherry Truffle 1

Cherry Truffle2

The plants with the compost seem to have grown a little bit faster and bigger than the ones in the fox farm and ocean organics. I absolutely loved this experiment. I know I am not done yet but so far this is very fun.