Exotic dark strain or disease?

Hi all! This is my first crop and I am not sure whether my plants dark buds were due to bud rot or mold, or that they are just a darker variety. The plant itself seems very healthy…leaves all green and happy. The other plants have more “normal” color buds. (I bought them all from here.). They were grown outside in New England. Here are photos to show you…both a close up of the bud as well as a picture of the whole plant. Thank you!!!I



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Can’t tell much from them pics but what i can see is that your just got purple buds the cold at night can make some girls go purple i really don’t think :thought_balloon: you got a problem juat purple heads

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Like the crocodile hunter would say “wow… what a beauty” lol
I say genetic and not rot lol


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Its just a beautiful thing, lucky …:wink::wink::wink::wink:


It doesn’t look like rot. Could it be frost damage on tender growing tips?

Thanks to everyone who responded. I’m just very afraid of smoking mold or disease and would LOVE to know what about the plant makes you believe that it is the species vs disease.

Many thanks again!

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