Excited for this grow! Everything looking great!

Everything is looking great with this girls!!! Excited since I got all of my hlg lights and awesome vent fans, in/out. I did a little over watering when they were young and stunted them a little, but now they are off and growing!! Just started giving the nutes the other day and looking for them to explode in the next few weeks. I will be starting a grow journal shortly for anyone that wants to follow along!!! I have a few strains going, 3rd cardiac, strawberry cough, blueberry, blackberry kush, and super skunk.Here are the girls!!!


New grower here. Tag me in your journal whenever you start it

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Nice. Im new too. On my 5th grow. What nutes you using? I learned about overwatering real quick. As much as u wanna keep giving it water its actually suffocating the roots. Then i started underwatering cause i was paranoid so finally learned the right medium


@appleyardjr267 I had to mich moisture in my domes. Didn’t realize it till they start growing algae on top. I pulled the top layer and they bounced back fine. I am using botanicares cal mag. Advanced nutrients- sensi grow/bloom, b52, big bud. Mammoth P, never housed mammoth before, I have heard mixed reviews. My local hydro shop gave me a bunch of samples so I said why not.

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How old are the plants tht you have a dome over?

I took them out already I usually wait about 2 weeks and keep them domed till then. @appleyardjr267

Mind if I join the party Nickknowsfunny?

Good vibes and good luck :v:

Hey looks good from here, set to watching how big is the tent?