Ever grow something like this?

This is one of the strangest plants I have ever grown. It’s bag seed, came in a oz of Sour Diesel I picked up in Las Vegas, grew it out and it looks like this:

The stem on that monster bud was flat as well. All other stems/buds on the plant was normal except for that one stem with the weird bud.


It almost looks like 2 small buds next to each other. I had one look similar that I topped right before it flipped. Nice looking plant though.

Polyploids can do that. Do you have any pics of the stem structure?

No, should have took more pics. It’s already been harvested and mostly smoked. The crazy bud smoked just fine. I thought maybe some type of disease got to that stem, it was like a flattened out straw. All other tops/stems were normal. One other pic I have of it showing normal cola next to it.


I just started flowering a polyploid and expect some massive flowers from it. It grows 2 of everything and has been a challenge to manage. Here’s a pic of it. You can see that the stem structure is wonky. It grew 2 mains from the get go. I almost cut one of them off (on purpose,) but it has turned out okay.

It looks like she’s been topped a bunch of times, but she was never topped or fimmed. It grows parts in strange places. All I’ve ever done to her is defoliate, supercrop, and axed a few branches here and there to keep her under control.


Yep, strange plant you got there as well, should be interesting.

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That flower on the left looks like a Fibonacci pattern.


@Hellraiser you have a bagseed to I see I have a bagseed to first time grow from bagseed

They got pictures of something like that growing around Unit-3, Fukushima Daiichi.


@kcj, Yeah, some of my favorite plants have come from bag seed, you never know what you’re gonna end up with.

Yeah I can imagine, radiation does crazy stuff.

that should be named “Hurricane”

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@hellraiser is ok hell raiser to put your bagseed in the freezer to keep fresh or just put them in a drawer

I’ve heard they can get old on you and I didn’t think that putting them in the freezer

I keep them in the fridge, dark, cold, and dry. Can last a good number of years, but even then once they get over 5-6 years old, germination rates go down pretty quick.

@Hellraiser, back in the 50’s and 60’s during atmospheric atomic testing, it was the breakfast of champions! There was cesium in the cereal and strontium in the milk!
Dietary atomic supplements for all the growing boys and girls!
5-G cell towers aren’t as nutritious as atomic isotopes!
Kids these days don’t know what they’re missing!

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I have an SBR that I just flipped that has is a polyploid. Learned something new today!

They can grow some crazy things.

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I’m really looking forward to it now. I did a little LST the last couple days in an effort to get some light to bud sites.

How old is it? I had a hell of a time managing mine, but I finally got her to flowering stage in reasonable shape. She was a pain to manage. I cut a lot of stuff off.