Estimated time for harvest? In need of opinions

Sour hulk plant coming up on her 6th week of flowering. I’m just wondering how much longer some of you think she has? I’m thinking 10 weeks in total but some of the areas on the plant look like they might be ready before others. Also have any of you heard of a half harvest? I heard that usually buds at the top of the plant will mature faster etc than those sheltered in the bottom and that you don’t necessary have to harvest the entire plant at one time. You can harvest what is ready etc while the rest grows over time. Has anyone else heard of this? Thank you and as always your knowledge is appreciated!


Looks like 3-4 more weeks. Yes some growers do a selective harvest Taking the buds from the top and letting the lower ones go for a while.


giphy (29)
Definitely should wait. Hold the line. Need to look at trichomes at this point to determine when YOU want to pull the plant for optimal THC ratios.

Have a loupe to look?

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I need to wait until all of the hairs have turned from white to amber/orange correct?

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Alright good to know because I was thinking of doing that I just wanted to make sure that this is something that has been practiced before

Get a loupe on Amazon. It’s very inexpensive. As the plant matures you’ll watch the trichomes


Seeing all the white pistils/hairs you have a ways to go.

I had to adapt to my poor eyesight. I harvest when 90% of the pistils/hairs are brown / orange and receding into the bud. That’s just the way I do it but all growers have different ways to sense maturity. I read on this forum (I think ) someone could tell by smell and another just by the look of the plant.

I have three strains outdoor. All are supposedly 9-weekers. Already harvested one and the two are still filling out and the last one is still stretching!

Could be the location in the garden? Don’t know.

Bottom line, you adopt a method that works best for you!

Glad you are here. I learn so much from questions asked and the responses given.

I would guess 3-4 weeks based off the pics. Would be nice to have trichome pics.

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Nice looking lady. Like above comments you still have some time. You will also know by checking trichomes

Thank you so much for your insight! Your garden sounds amazing by the way. No pictures were necessary for me to be wowed by what you have growing.

I’ll be sure to snag some tonight

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Thank you. Yea I figured I have a little while left unfortunately. Good to see someone else from the east coast on here as well :+1:

Definitely nice seen people from our side of the country. There’s a few others hanging out here also

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Nice I’m 203 also :shushing_face:

Lmao my 203 is not actually 4 that I used 2 carry the m203 in the army and that was my baby. It just happened 2 work both ways. Got love our way just weather wise gonna suck till Sunday

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This is the best I could get lol


When the pistils (hairs) are mostly orangish thats just a signal to start watching the trichomes. You cant base it on the pistils alone.

So for buds that have full turned to orange can I harvest those?

If you do, you’ll likely be missing out on a LOT of bud fattening, based on the pics so far. Wait for all those orange/red hairs to curl in, they will look something closer to this:

Then check the trichomes, as already suggested.


Look at the trichomes. Do you have a jewellers loupe or a magnifying glass?

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