Equipment prep for harvest

I’m consistently running 85F-65H in my 4x4 indoor environments. I have a cloud line cloud line ac infinity 6 exhaust and small circulating fan. I need to set up environment that meets the 60F-50RH. Is the thing to do put in a portable ac towers with exhaust hose out of the tent…as well as…a separate unit being a dehumidifier? Any help would be appreciated.

Sort of, except the ac is going in. You may want a dehumidifier. Depends on your conditions.

Those numbers you posted seem in pretty good shape.

The tent is in a garage. The garage is cooled with a portable a/c unit that draws air in from the room then disperses cool air in to the room blowing hot air out the 6” exhaust to the outside. it anIs the play putting like a window unit outside the dry tent modifying. This helps keep my veg and flower tent 85ish-65ish. Without it the tents would be 95 degrees. So with those tents operating and adding a drying tent to the mix is the challenge. I can get the dry tent to probably 55-60 RH with a dehumidifier inside the tents. I have a cloud line 6” fan/blower for the exhaust with a tower fan for constant air flow. Do I need to put portable a/c inside the tent?..and run the exhaust out of the tent and then out the garage? Do I take maybe a window unit a/c and modify it to blow air in the tent keeping the unit outside the tent and still running exhaust outside of the garage? I read you need low humidity and low temperature in dry tents or you’ll ruin with mold and mildew. As in 60-65F and 45-50RH. How are you all creating this environment when you have additional environments you have to maintain as well?