Enough For 14 Autos?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I have 14 autoflowers going at same time in my 12’x8’x6’ cellar completely wrapped in mylar with 600w hps tube light and 600w led is that enough light for 14 autos all planted in supersoil (kindsoil brand) 3gallon planters or should i buy another 3-400 watt led. I plan on doing 30 at a time and have already made plans on buying 2 more lights = 1000 watts i like using 1 and 1 combo on lights hps and LED work awesome together. "

The usual rule of thumb is 35 to 50 watts (actual draw) per square foot. You have 96 square feet, so would need 3300 to 4800 watts to cover the whole area.

Don’t forget to do the math. 4800 watts for 18 hours a day at .15/KWH is going to run around $388 per month. Plug in your own KWH rate to get your actual bill. Also make sure your electrical circuits will handle the current draw.


@PhantomFarmer is 100% on point
4800 watts is what would be optimal for that space good luck
Also if your going to go with hps or similar light get Cool hood cause you’ll be generating a time of heat


I’d encourage you to look at a light mover(s). Save big on electricity…no hot or cold or dark areas on your plants. Mine lasted 8 years before I had it rebuilt. My grow space footprint is roughly 3’ x 8’ or 24 sq.ft. Multiply by 50 watts = 1200 watts for my space. With a mover that costs a buck a month to run I can serve the same area with 525 watts of platinum leds, in my case, or whatever lights you might choose. 60% savings on electric is worth having.

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