"Encyclopedia" of strains

Has ILGM or anyone else created an encyclopedia or summary of weed strains? There must be hundreds… It would list the qualities and potentcy of each, including a listing of the strains’ parentage. I grew four strains this season, and they are remarkably different.


Try Leafly, they have a variety of strain and strain knowledge including smell, terpenes, stuff people felt, etc. enjoy!


I use this website to research cannabis strains in addition to Leafly and Wikiweed


OK! That’s exactly what I was looking for…though perhaps info overload! :slight_smile: I figured that with the continued legalization movement and so many folks growing, there had to be a database somewhere. It just took someone to do all the work. I note that it wasn’t from this country…

While I have been smoking - and growing - weed for over a half century, I went to my first “cannafest” a few weeks back at a local grow shop. Here in VA, possession, use and growing (up to four plants) is legal, though retail sales still are not. Here were over two dozen vendors, each selling up to 20 strains, along with edibles, elixirs and even 'shrooms. I was like a kid in a candy store. But it’s still very much a cash economy…


I stand corrected… Not ‘hundreds’, but thousands. This might be the most highly hybridized plant on the planet… Better living through chemistry.


Leafly is my fav but more because of how it looks

I would try everything everyone said and see what you need

I found a site that has the lineage of every strain. Unfortunately I don’t remember the website.


I just joined this forum and have consistently used ILGM seeds. I have a time-sensitive strain question, but lack the credentials to create a new thread.

Is it OK if I use this thread to post my question or can someone point me to a more suitable thread?