Emerald Triangle

Hey Kids…,

Seven days until I leave for Oakland, Cali. The Southern Border of the Emeral Triangle. My VA Disability still hasn’t come through, so I am going to have a legal Medical Grow Op for money. I will be setting up the most technologically advanced g.-room I have ever had. I even hope to find a space to grow outdoors next year. I will be comfortable enough to send detailed pictures. Maybe I should do a sort of journal of the set-up, for newbies to enjoy? I am totally jazzed!!! Stay tuned here for updates. I will be starting with Robert’s White Widow genetics, and will most likely add his new strain, Gold Leaf, after the W.W. is up, and running smoothly.

I hope everyone, yes, including Mac’ and 'wood, are well, and happy.
I haven’t swam in any ocean since I was in Italy 30 years ago! Can’t wait. Also, I have never seen Redwoods. Gonna be super cool…
Peace and Love to all.


I’m pumped for you. (Although when I was in the army they told me you took my girl friend.)


Thanks for the kind thouhgt. It’s going to be like a dream, after a lifetime of looking over my shoulder, and freaking everytime I saw a cop.
I’m old enough to admit I rarely got laid in the Army (except when we went to the Houses of Ill Repute in Stuttgart and Frankfort !! :wink:

You gotta see the “Redwood” strain. I heard the buds are ginormous. Lol

Good luck Jodie! I look forward to seeing your wonderful set-up.

I was stationed near Stuttgart back in 77-80. I was married, probably would’ve gotten killed if I visited 40 Mark Strasse.