Electrician needed

I took these off a building I had. 75 watt MH wall packs. If I hook up these bulbs to a porcelain base do I have to hook up the ballast, (I think that’s what’s in the pic). I have a HLG 260 for grow room but thought I might use a couple of these in a seedling area? Your thoughts.

I dont think they work without a ballast. At least I have never seen one without.

That particular fixture looks like a lithonia with diffused lens. If thats the case the ballast is built in. Shoild be about the size of a pack of playing cards or the size of a butterfinger bar. Keep in mind not all ballasts are created equal. Looks like an entrance illumination light meant to illuminate a doorway, stairway, etc… will not be the pounding wattage your used to in a grow light. If its not a lithonia, most of that still holds true.

Those lights will not work without the ballasts. I have replaced many a ballast because the lights were not working :v:

OK I can hook the ballasts back up. Are these worth the effort to use on seedlings?