Electric bills?

I put $15k down but even without a down payment the payment would have been 170/mo. 170/mo plus our power bill (around $70/mo) was still cheaper than what it was before the panels.

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How did the billing work did you get a loan through the bank or through the co pany that did it?

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You could do either. I financed the rest through the company I used. Right now would suck to finance because of the interest rates. I got mine at 1% interest.


We have converted all wells over to solar. Same protection in place as to not allow pump to run and burn up.

I have bought the kits from Harbor Freight when 4 25watt panels for 99.00. Now 150.00 per kit. To wire lighting in our barns. Flourscents work great.

In 10 yrs in texas, we have never had any issues withsolar powered water or lights at the barns.

Doing waterwells was easy after the first.

As mentioned, messing with water tight integrity issues is for the people who know roofs.

They are worth yhe investment.