Effects of marijuana/weed

A critical question from a in real life friend… what are the effects of smoking Vs Athletism? I mean does it really effects u in bad way ? In wich way?

Inhaling in any smoke isn’t great for lung function, it can reduce you oxygen/lung capacity in your athleticism. However cannabis is less damaging to the lung’s capacity than tobacco. Remember Michael Phelps? It didn’t seem to slow him down nor reduce the number of medals he won, however he likely was never a heavy very regular bong ripper. The amount of smoke you are bringing into your lungs on a regular basis will likely determine how much of an affect it has on you. There are alternatives to smoking, vaporizing would likely be much better for an athlete and tinctures that can be dropped under the tongue would probably be even better, or other oral/edible items. Alcohol tinctures dropped under the tongue can give a almost immediate high kinda like smoking or vaporizing and then they can kinda turn into and edible high.


Thanks MacG ! Will pass this out :slight_smile:
Infact that was smthn that i never though about it