Breath Control

I am wondering how the community feels about holding in the smoke upon inhaling. Medically they claim it makes no difference, holding it in they claim doesn’t increase the impact.

I am someone that doesn’t care what the medical people say, what do others that actually enjoy Pot think?

I think the science is right. Nonetheless, I still hold it in as long as I can, lol.

Some of the feeling/effect you may experience might not just be from the THC though when you hold it in. Just holding your breath until nearly passing out is enjoyable to some and seems to be a ‘high’ of sorts for those that enjoy that kind of thing.

If it is more enjoyable for you to hold it in as long as possible, then go ahead and keep doing that – unless there is some medical reason a doctor or expert is advising against you doing that. I myself cough too easy though, so sometimes it’s hard for me. I say in the end, it is up to you and what you like best. Personally I don’t enjoy holding my breath for no reason, there better be some THC laden something in my lungs to go to all the effort, ha ha.

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I do not hold in smoke more than 3-5 seconds approximately. Whatever effect you get is going to be caused by active THC attaching to your lungs. There is a more scientific explanation, but I don’t have access to the data bank where it is stored.

Still a matter of choice, but for medical reasons; A lot of researchers, and experts on using Marijuana medically, state that no smoke is good for you. You get all the effect you can after a few seconds; Thus rendering the opinion that holding smoke in your lungs for long periods, is not necessarily healthy.

Since you asked :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was mostly joking, sometimes I do try to hold my breath for kinda a long time and sometimes I don’t. About the real only time I make a special effort to hold my breath is from a tall bong hit or kinda same from a “dab” water pipe rig. I don’t recommend anyone who passes out easy or has any health issues do this because you really need to be seated in a supportive chair after, some concentrates, even some bubble hash, is so strong you will not be able to stand, even if you are very healthy and in your youthful prime.

Save your lungs from smoke. Buy a quality Vaporizer

I have a few, actually.

Also “dab” rigs with a glass, quartz or titanium nail, I don’t think that is necessarily the same as “smoke” per say, more like instantly vaporized concentrate, no?

Not sure what you mean…BUT; If you mean as in dragging some hash oil across a hot burner; I think that still qualifies as smoke>?

Apparently there are numerous, maybe newer systems you are unaware of my friend. I think it is similar to the hot iron concept, however it may still not be entirely the same as smoke as you don’t really have a lot of plant tissue, if any, “burning” and creating a lot of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide or other undesired impurities. Also there is a very high quality vaporizer, kinda similar to the “volcano” that actually forces hot air and vapor through a clean waterpipe, and actually you don’t even need to put water in the water pipe, it is mostly used to hold ice, so you don’t need to fill a balloon first. In general it is still “hit” like a bong.

I still have and love my Iolite. Mine was gifted to me by members of thegrowreport, and vapefiend of the dopefiend network. It has worked from day 1, and never gave me a problem. Partially due; I expect, to the fact that I have always used quintuple refined butane,and a solid design to begin with. Never been able to afford a Volcano, but…someday.

This is my favorite vaporizer:

I think it has even won a few of the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup “best new product or device”, or whatever the same category the volcano and others would be in.

I think it’s interesting that nobody mentioned that if you hold in the smoke you can than discharge it in a purposeful way, like blowing it in the faces of my pets.

lol, sure, this is true, ha ha

Looks like to much work to me. LOL :smiley: Interesting and different strategy here.
what is the cost for the whole kit?

It is as easy as hitting a regular water pipe and can be used with most regular water-pipes. There are different ways to get your unit set up and without the price of the actual water pipe, you might be able to get a volcano quality vaporizer for around $100, $200-$300 bucks to be really fancy. The system is so good, volcano actually sued them to keep them from selling a unit that actually filled up balloons like the volcano does, until volcano’s patent runs out.