Edibles after drying but before curing?

I have some weed drying now. Need to make another batch of edibles.

Will the uncurled weed not be good in edibles?

I know it makes a harsh smoke but didn’t know if edibles made much difference?


With extracting trichomes, the fresher the better. The best time for pressing flower is 2 to 3 weeks after drying. @HotAndHumid


Fresh gives most bang. I fresh freeze till plenty then extract after decarb


The cure is only needed for buds you want to smoke.


@Newt Thanks. That was the answer I was looking for.


I don’t cure for extracts. I put dried bud in the freezer, let it freeze, and then do the extraction. The trichomes are more easily extracted when they are brittle from freezing.

No need to decarb if for hash. If for edibles you will need to decarb.


Thanks for the response.

Just so I’m clear, do I decarb then freeze?

……or do I freeze, then decarb then extract.

I’m doing coconut oil.


You want the flower frozen when you are doing an extraction so the trichs are more brittle. I do this when doing QWET extractions. I also want my flower frozen when doing a dry ice hash process. The trichs break free more easily this way, and trichs are what you want.

Here’s a really good thread on doing extractions.


I’m just delving into this as well, but from the terminology I’ve gleaned, extraction and infusion are 2 different processes. For oils and fats, the cannabinoids are infused into the carrier. When using alcohol for tincture making, there’s no carrier, and the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant.

So I can see where freezing is beneficial for extraction, but doesn’t really do anything for infusing (into coconut oil). At least that’s my current understanding of it all so far.


My FAVORITE!! Decarb before infusing the oil. If fresh oven dry low temp…100 or so. After dry decarb at 240 30 minutes or so. Infuse. Can do 225 for 45 or so but i like a quick hit then go. You CAN overdo decarb and turn it into cbn and cook off terps. A fine line for getting high and getting put to sleep.


I understand infusing temps are too low for decarbing in and of itself (hence the need to decarb first), but what about under-decarbing? So it doesn’t turn into sleeper-bakery in a 325 degree oven for a half hour when using the oil in baking.

Edit: Or does the infusion process somehow lock it in and prevent further breakdown in the oven?


This chart is a good guide:

If un under-decarb, you will have less psychoactive effect.


Right, but if the oven for making cookies/brownies/whatever is 325+ degrees for a half hour, I’m wondering about a decarb stacking effect from the actual decarb, and then another decarb in the oven making them over-decarbed. Not sure if it’s a thing or not.


Hard to decarb when infusing. Temps too low. 175 for a coconut oil infuse. Decarb while cooking is not consistant. I make a LOT of oils for my medical circle. My grows are grown with lots of popcorns fir edibles. Stage harvest the smoking buds…2 weeks more on popcorns then chop. Works well for us.


Ok, well thanks for the insights folks, I think I got my answer here. Makes sense I think:

When it comes to baking edibles, there is not much worry about. You can cook at oven temperatures up to 400 degrees F, (or more) as long as the food itself does not get that hot. And it usually doesn’t. For instance a Thanksgiving turkey that roasts for hours in a 350 degree + oven only reaches in internal temperature of 160 degrees. (bold emphasis mine)

It goes on with an example that burning the cookies would start diminishing the effects.

(This was from that Cannabis Cheri gal, if anyone’s seen her stuff)

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