EC Value for Different stage of Growth

So when I decided to get into DWC I sound found out I had to monitor the total dissolved salt in my water, so I got an EC and PH Meter. But what is bugging me a bit is the wide range of recommendation as to what EC should be used for different growth stage.

Ie most chart I find online will aim for a starting EC of 0,7 to 0,8 for week 1, and had it ramp up 1,1~1,3 by week 3 of veg. The chart also start flower at week 4? There’s something I’m not getting here.

The few informative post I found, people were using 1,2 to 1,4 EC during flowering but chart is way up at 2,0.

So what gives? What number have treated you well? What’s the biggest factor in the nutes strength ? Does more light can help run higher nutes concentratio? Also for those familiar with PPM number, these are really fine to work with if we know which correction factor your meter is using.

Doing the right thing is what I want, but understanding what I’m doing is even more important :rofl:

Yes. If you don’t have adequate light there is less nutrient transport.

One thing about the nutrient lines sold: they are not in the business of conserving nutrients…forgive me if I respond in PPM (NACL scale) as I can not wrap my brain around EC lol: early veg I want to be in the range of 200 to 300 ppm. Once I’m taking off I ramp up to somewhere between 600 and 800 ppm and peak flower I might be as high as 1,100 ppm but more likely 900 to 1,000. You will have to convert to EC if you are more comfortable in that metric.

Watch your plant and let it tell you what to do. If it’s happy; don’t change anything. Keep your reservoir well aerated and below 70 F and change your rez when recommended. Run something like Hydroguard as well.


Given that you mentionned using the NACL scale, your number pretty much fall in line with what I’ve seen online; 200 to 300 ppm is .4 to .6 on my EC meter. I guess some experience on my part would have helped to better dial my tank when I did my first mix.

The only thing I read was to start 1/4 or 1/2 the recommended nutes ratio which I did. But at week 2 I went full strength :zipper_mouth_face:

I have the Cannazym from the Canna Aqua line in the tank, my understanding is it serve the same purpose than Hydrogyard. I had nasty smell after the first few days when my tank was staying too hot but since I have the chiller it has a fresh smell.


Hopefully a air pump in that dwc also. Only bad part of dwc is the inability to keep the water flowing. Look into recirculating deep water cultures or under current dwc

I second that.

These are good conservative numbers in most of the lines designed for hydro. I like General Hydroponics (running a single-tote bucket hydro now) and using the full line with good results.

If he’s running a chiller (like I am) then technically I would call it a RDWC system as it requires a pump to recirculate through the chiller. Assuming an aquarium-type rather than something submersible.

Yes I do have an 80L/min air pump in there. The chiller is hooked up to 3/4" line and the pump flows quite a lot, the return in the tank is really shaking things up.

@Myfriendis410 I am running a submersible pump atm.

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Ah k I don’t run chillers so didn’t account for that aspect. More of a few water bottles in the freezer method

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Haha been there years ago when I was starting out anodizing. Chiller just make everything more stable but they come at a cost that’s for sure.

I burn for about 300$ of weed per month. This will pay for itself within a year IF I dont mess up.

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How about putting up some pictures? Like they say: it didn’t happen without photos haha.

Picture of? My anodizing stuff? Sorry it’s late and I’m slow :pleading_face:

Usually plants :relaxed: I like anodizing dipping trays but those vats smell funky… I may or may not have worked in c&c shop before.

Btw what chiller are you running?

I started my grow thread yesterday, you can take a look if you want: My first grow! Glookies DWC in 3x3 with KingBrite 480W

I am running the Active Aqua 1/10hp. So far so good!

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Curious if I accidently added 1420 PPMS of nutes in my 5 gal (4 gal) is that really bad? She is in week 3 of flower under a 1350 watt LED.

I’m not running Hydro but did watch this video and does an excellent job explaining things about EC PPM and tips and troubleshooting etc. growing in water.

If I was just starting out in Hydro I would want to watch this video
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