Age Issues with Vegetative Stage

My issue is simple. I had issues germinating and have plants that are of different ages. Two are much further along then the rest and a couple small strugglers.

I am trying to figure out if I should hold the plants further along until the others catch up so that I can flower all of them together since I only have one grow room.

Not sure what to do? Also this directly affects the feeding schedule since I’m doing DWC Hydroponics.

In addition, I purchased a good TDS meter but taking measurements is a little confusing since the EC is relayed as a 4 digit number (i.e. 1328 vs 1.2). Their instruction manual is brief and does not provide a conversion.

I assumed divide by 1000 and round appropriately, but have no
references to verify. I am writing down everything in my log book
but don’t feel confident determining where my plants are in the growth cycle (i.e. week number) for nutrients.

Any advice is appreciated greatly.


I assume their photo period plants in which case you can wait as long as you want but the older girls will just keep getting bigger. As for the tds the 4 digits is the parts per million which is different depending where you are in the world but 90% use the u.s. 500 base scale the single digits are the ec and that’s the universal number that converts to ppm 1400 is high but not unacceptable you never want to be over 2000 here’s a feeding chart at what ppm you should be at each age roughly

Thank you so much!

This helps tremendously. I’m still not sure how to determine the week I’m in. Yesterday, I decided to move forward as if in week one. My assumption is that the PPM should reflect accurately where I’m at.

They all seemed to fall in the week on or two range. Since a full load of nutrients would have been too much and push the ppm’s to high I only put in half the dosage. This worked good and I feel good about the ppm levels etc. at this point.

Your chart is invaluable and a great help. Thanks Again.

Also, I am using Fox Farms trio and assume that on your chart I use the PPM w/ GROW at 466 ppm week 1.

My seeds are feminized but not auto’s so I should be able to control through light time changes pushing them into the flowering stage when they’re ready.

Here we go as they say.

One last thing I hope you can help with.

Do you know of any templates available to keep track of everything.

I am currently drawing up one each time I monitor and record,
which is a circle that represents the pot with the EC and temp written in the circle and the ph / ppm next to it. I also indicate
if roots are water tapped (hanging down into the water). If so I indicated rooted with an “R” in the middle of the circle or a dotted line if not yet visible.

This works, but a nice template ready to go would be nice.

Thanks if you can help.

Fox Farms has their own feed chart.

Let the plants do their thing. I have never had a grow where all the plants are on the same schedule. Even if you planted 10 seeds of the same strain and you will get 10 different growing plants. No two seeds are ever alike. Genetics.

Just keep them happy and let them rock out. :+1::+1::+1:

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Let me add since I’m using the exact same Fox Farms nutrients to NOT use the suggested levels.

Use your TDS meter and PPMs to keep your plants safe from Nutrient Burn.

I used the recommended dosages and found that it spiked my levels to the extreme. I was forced to try to add water but it wasn’t enough to get the PPMs down fast enough and the result was the Burn.

This usually results in a complete system flush. :nauseated_face: