Ebbn flow/bubble bucket question

Hi guys/girls im building a system that has 12x 20L buckets 1 x 20L control tank each bucket will have a air stone all feed from a 250L reservoir im going to scrog them so i wont be able to get into the buckets after 4 weeks of veg can i was thinking of leaving 5 litres in each bucket after every flood cycle so kind of dwc at the same time. Can anyone think of possible issues il run into? Im worried the roots will enter the flood/drain line stopping them from getting their water
Thanx in advance

When growing with hydroponics I find you can’t avoid the dreaded roots from entering the fill drain tubing causing a blockage. I check mine often to see if they are filling at feeding time by checking the pots to see if they are floating slightly when full. My Ebb and flow system is a flood then drain type. Here’s a picture of what I’ve pulled out preventing a blockage.

Thanx @NTMAREMACH that gives me an idea of what im in for could a piece of fly screen over the fill drain hole fix this? Or ive thought about extending the fill/drain hose past the last buckets and raise it above the pots so i can poke a drain cleaner down the end weekly think this could work?

I wonder if you could use some old pieces of knee highs or panty hose or a coffee filter affixed to pipe w a clamp. Then u just change that when needed, maybe the roots won’t be able to get through.

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Good idea i think in going to try that 1st and see how it goes im still about 10/11 weeks away from setting up and running hydro @PHamm

I think you had better devise a way to raise your plants and SCROG assembly as a unit for maintenance or there will be trouble. Just my 2 cents.

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I haven’t used it, but my aerogarden came with a piece of foam to block the pump inlet but still let water through. I would assume a tight screen or something would do the same. Not sure I would try a scrog with it though. I’d be concerned that whatever I used would become blocked before the end of my grow.

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Hello Saffa,

In order to avoid roots to go in your water system, I suggest you use a nice Enzyme (like SensyZym of Advanced Nutrients, or PureZym of Plagron) in order to bring the sugars and microelements that’ll decompose the roots in beneficial elements for your plant.

Of course, this is a measure that will only work if you have “little” roots blocking the way to your water system. If the amount of roots is too high, then maybe should you place your pump elsewhere so it won’t be bothered that much?

Hope I have helped :wink:

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Thanx @EiffelSmoker after sbit of research ive decided to go with s rdwc setup will only start in a couple of months tho

@Saffa,is there a product similar to a back flash arrester on a Lpg bottle but for plastic hosing,might work :slight_smile:

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Il look into that sounds like it would do the job

I am starting with a 4x8 grow tray setup but am only going to use 4x4 to start. Is there something I could put in the other side of my tray to displace water so I can reduce the size of my nutrient sump?

@Stevierayp bricks,clay balls, water bombs lol anything that wont float or change ur ph