Ebb&Flow bucket system with control bucket outside 4 X 4 tent

Hey Everyone

I will be starting mt 2nd grow with the same system:

Hydrofarm — Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb and Gro Controller Unit w/2 Pumps

hydrofarm.com hydrofarm.com

Hydrofarm — Active Aqua Grow Flow Expansion Kit, 6 Pot, 2 gal

hydrofarm.com hydrofarm.com


The problem is where the fill/drain lines enter the tent.
The lines must rise off the floor to enter the bottom of a tent vent port.
This resulted in water remaining at the bottom of the pots.
I figured the solution is to raise all the buckets.
I thought there was a chance that someone had found a more elegant solution. (with this huge wealth of information)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post

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Need lines at floor level ?

Cut a hole. Works like a charm


How do you like the system?
I ordered the 12 site 5gal kit last week.
Still waiting on it! But I find very little information about it

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I really like it I have only one grow under my belt. So, I’m not the most knowledgable person to ask. It performed as expected. I would recommend buying some Ts and a few 90degree elbows so you can connect each branch in parallel. I bought some for whenever I get ready to grow again.
There are some really great people here. Very helpful.

Good Luck